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Chapter 835: Determining the Enemy

Yun Xi stood next to Jin Lei and gasped when she saw him taking a sealed bag from the tank behind the toilet bowl in her bathroom.

“This…” Yun Xi, open-mouthed, looked at the items Jin Lei was holding.

They were wrapped in several layers of sealed transparent plastic bags.

She opened one of the bags and within it were small packets of white powder.

She looked at Jin Lei and lifted her hand to feel the weight of what he was holding.

“Almost two pounds of drugs hidden in my toilet! What a big investment that is.

This stuff is worth at least 2 million yuan.

Depending on its purity, it could be worth up to 5 million!”

“Youre still in the mood to discuss the value of this at a time like this”

She sounded as if she was not worried at all.

She was just talking as if she was discussing the weather and could not be any calmer.

“I have no idea who put it here.

If someone wanted to set me up, they probably will have arranged for someone to come and search my room soon.

However, if it was someone else who had deliberately hid it here to avoid trouble, and I took it, they would probably hunt me down all over London.”

“And so, what do you think we should do” He wondered what she would do about this dilemma.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

By the way, who is trying to get me into trouble Its not easy to get this stuff, and this amount is not small.

Even for a normal drug trafficker, it is not possible to get hold of this much quantity.

Someone is taking a lot of effort to deliberately target me.

Apart from Crocodile, there are not many people who are able to get this amount of stuff.

But now Crocodile has been arrested.

So who could it be”

Yun Xi deliberately looked at Jin Lei while she spoke.

Her stare gave Jin Lei goosebumps, but he looked at her calmly and asked purposefully, “Who do you think it could be”

“I dont know! Shouldnt I be asking you that instead Why are you here Is it just because Mu Feichi has asked you to protect me Logically, since Crocodile has been arrested, although I might still be in occasional danger, there would be no need to mobilize you personally.

Instructor Jin, are you and Mu Feichi hiding something from me For example, perhaps those people in the mountains werent the enemies of Mu Feichi, right”

“With regards to what happened in the mountains, didnt Mu Feichi explain that to you What I know is exactly the same as what the Young Commander told you.”

“Really” Yun Xi raised her brows.

If he was not willing to tell her what he knew, there was no way of getting anything out of him.

Since she couldnt get an answer from Jin Lei, she would have to get it from the criminals who hid the stuff.

Yun Xi turned and walked out of the bathroom, took out her computer and powered it on.

Her slender white fingers typed quickly on the keyboard.

After a while, the green code on the screen disappeared, replaced by various surveillance scenes.

When Jin Lei saw that she had hacked into the hotels surveillance system, he kept quiet.

The ability to see through the enemys camouflage and disguises were areas she needed to be assessed upon in the future.

For some people, after going through systematic and demanding training, they would be able to instantly identify the other partys identity and who the targeted people they were looking for were.

The reason that she had hacked into the surveillance system was to look for the person who had entered her room.

But if the other party had erased the video in advance, then she would have to rely on her common sense and acute sensitivity to determine and judge who was the enemy.

She was smarter than he had expected.

All those matters that had been hidden from her could no longer be kept from her.

Sure enough, after looking through all the surveillance videos of the hotel, Yun Xi noticed that only the segments monitoring the third floor during the time when she was not around had been completely erased, leaving no trace behind.

Without the surveillance videos of the third floor, she had to rely on her intuition to seek out the enemy among the guests who had entered the hotel.

And this kind of judgment carried with it many possible errors.

A small discrepancy can lead to a great divergence.

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