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Chapter 834: Someone in Yun Xis Room

The competition was scheduled to start in the morning of the second day.

After looking around the competition venue, Instructor Lu Zhiwei took the students back to their hotel.

When Yun Xi opened the door of her room, she glanced at the room next to her and knew that Jin Lei was staying there right beside her.

However, she wasnt in the mood to relax right then, so she went to check out the rest of the hotel.

The Organizing Committee had arranged for the participants from all over the world to stay in the same hotel.

Yun Xis room was the first room, nearest to the staircase, on the third floor.

Mostly, everyone would use the elevator to access the floor.

There was a hallway between the elevator bank and the emergency exit.

Once she was back in her room after exploring, Yun Xi immediately realized that someone had been in it.

Before shed left, she had placed the slippers that the hotel provided on the carpet between the bed and the television.

She had aligned the slippers to point toward the middle of the carpets pattern.

That was how she discovered that someone had been in her room.

She had placed the Do Not Disturb sign on her door before going out, and the room had been cleaned before she checked in.

The way she had arranged the slippers was simply a subconscious habit, and she definitely hadnt expected anyone to enter her room.

She put down her bag, removed her shoes, and began checking around the room carefully.

While checking, she looked under the bed and the table.

She even checked around the television, but no one had left any additional items in her room.

She couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief, and she finally relaxed.

She lay down on the bed lazily.

As soon as she lay down, she felt something like fine sand pricking the back of her hand, and she immediately sat up.

She ran her hand back and forth on the white comforter that covered the bed and saw white sandstone powder on her palm.

Yun Xi immediately looked up at the smoke detector.

Then, to check out her suppositions, she moved the table, placed a chair on it, and climbed up.

Then, using the screwdriver on the all-purpose Swiss Army knife that she had brought with her, she removed the screws from the smoke detector.

Sure enough, the wires in the smoke detector had all been cut!

Without thinking any more about it, she screwed the screws back in and quietly opened the glass door to the balcony.

She wrapped a written note around the toothbrush she took from the bathroom and threw it toward Jin Leis balcony.

Jin Lei heard something and quickly went out to the balcony.

Wondering what had happened, Jin Lei picked up the toothbrush and read the note that had come with it.

His face suddenly darkened as he read.

“Come over and well talk.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She grabbed the railings with both hands, held onto the pipes nearby, and quickly jumped to Jin Leis balcony.

“Why didnt you go by the bedroom door”

Jin Lei was relieved when she landed on his balcony.

Their rooms were on the third floor, so if she had missed her footing and fallen, she would have either been disabled or dead.

“Someone damaged the smoke detector in my room.

They are probably in control of the surveillance camera in my room and in the corridor too.”

“Smoke detector…” Jin Lei narrowed his eyes and a light flashed in them.

“If they damaged the smoke detector, does that mean they want to set fire to your room I dont think their scheme would be that simple Did you search around the room, and did you find anything else”

“I found nothing else.

I searched everywhere I could.

It also took me a while before I realized that they had damaged the smoke detector.”

“Theres somewhere that Im sure you didnt search.”


“Inside the toilet tank!”

“Youre right.

I…I didnt look into that!!”

“Lets go take a look! I am really curious about what else they might have done in your room.”

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