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Chapter 833: Only Young Commander

After stepping out from where she had been hiding behind a flowerpot, Yun Xi smiled.

Her pretty face showed no signs of being nervous or embarrassed after being caught.

She even greeted Jin Lei pleasantly.

“Instructor Jin, why are you here What a coincidence.” Jin Lei knew he was going to have tofess up.

Hed expected this, and he hadnt intended to hide from her if she had discovered him following her.

“Ive been following you in order to protect you.”

“To protect me Was it an order from the commander” There was probably no one else who could get Jin Lei to come personally to follow her than Mu Feichi.

Jin Lei nodded.

“You noticed me pretty quickly.

Your reflexes are very good.”

“Maybe my female sixth sense would be a more accurate description.

But I dont understand.

Didnt we solve this problem in the mountains Do more people want to harm me”

“Solved…” Jin Lei smirked as his gloomy face turned serious.

“What happened there in the mountains was just the beginning for you.

If you are going to be by Mu Feichis side or if you get married to the young commander, this will be a common occurrence.

You should get used to living like this.”

“Er, this…” Yun Xi had not expected him to bring up such a personal matter, and she was embarrassed.

Everyone seemed to know about the relationship between her and Mu Feichi.

Still, they all somehow had agreed to not talk about it.

Even though Mu Feichi was always teasing her about becoming his wife, she didnt really take him very seriously since it seemed to be a joke just between them.

But now that Jin Lei had mentioned it and asked her to be prepared, she felt awkward.

She realized that this was going to be her reality.

But she was not really old enough to fall in love and decide on marriage.

“Its not easy to stand beside Mu Feichi.

First, you need to be strong enough, so strong that you dont need any protection, and also so strong that no one dares to mess with you.

Everyone knows Mu Feichis capabilities, so they dont dare to harm him in any way, but its different for you.

You are his weakness, so anyone can make use of you to threaten him.

But if you are as strong as he is and can stand firmly beside him, they will be afraid of you too.”

“I know I am not strong enough yet, and thats why I keep getting targeted.

But I will work hard to achieve that strength.”

Yun Xi cheered for herself silently.

She couldnt help but look curiously at this man who had been trained by the same instructor and considered to be at the same level as Mu Feichi.

“Actually, I am pretty curious about how strong the young commander is, since he always holds himself back when he fights with me.

Hes probably worried about hurting me if he uses his actual ability.”

“To be honest, no one knows exactly how powerful the young commander is.

Even Instructor Yan mentioned that he could never predict what exactly was in Mu Feichis mind.

If he ever really fought you with his actual power, Im afraid that you would never be able to get up again.

He is the only young commander in Jun Country, a Death God who can crawl out alive from any fierce battle.

Do you know why Jun Country does not award the young commander rank to anyone else now”

“No, I dont.” Yun Xi shook her head and looked at him, extremely curious about the reason.

“He has genuinely been through wars.

He grew up on the battlefield ever since he was a child.

Death and loneliness trained his mind and abilities so that they are different from any ordinary persons.

Other than Mu Feichi, it is not easy to find anyone with his shooting skills and techniques.

He was not just one of Instructor Yans students, but the best student ever taught by Instructor Yan.

That was why the President gave him the one and only Young Commander rank in Jun Country.”

“I understand.

Its no wonder that he doesnt allow me to fight by his side.

I am not qualified to do it at all!”

“Theres no one qualified to do that in Jun Country.

No one has the capability, nor can anyone be his opponent, but as for you…”

Jin Lei glanced at her.

“If you stay and can stand by his side in the future, maybe you will be qualified.”

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