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Chapter 831: Shameless and Imprudent

First, she had gone abroad to receive an award; now she was going abroad to participate in the finals of the Biology competition.

The name of Yun Xi had suddenly spread throughout the neighborhood.

All the parents were talking about the good luck that had befallen the Yun family.

How could Yun Xi, who had been sent to the countryside as a child, have managed to put the Yun family in the limelight as soon as shed returned

Liang Xiuqin ran her mouth as usual, not knowing when she should be discriminating.

A lot of the ladies from various families wanted to get to know Yun Xi.

They wanted her to help them with their childrens homework.

When they ran into Liang Xiuqin, they approached her to talk.

When Liang Xiuqin realized that a wife of one of the political commissars had stopped her to make conversation, she was very happy.

She thought that her recent bad luck might be over, and good luck had arrived.

But, unexpectedly, the woman only mentioned Yun Xi.

“My child just started her first year in senior high school.

I heard that Yun Xis grades were very good.

Would it be possible for Yun Xi to come over to help with my childs homework We wont let it affect her studies.

We just need a little of her free time.

She can request any amount of tuition fee she wants.”

Liang Xiuqin knew exactly which high-ranking officials and positions lived in the villa residences.

Although she lived in the same residences, she did not have much interaction with these wives as the status of the Yun family was not high.

Now this was such a good opportunity to get to know them, and she was naturally unwilling to let Yun Xi take any advantage.

“Mrs, Zhang, our Ziling is now a sophomore and has good grades in school.

It wouldnt be a problem for her to tutor your child.

Why dont you let our Ziling help out with your childs homework”

The amount of tuition fee paid by such a rich family would not be low.

Now that she had lost the income that came from Liang Xinyi, naturally she had to seek other ways to make some money.

And, more important, connections… It was easier to get things done with connections.


Zhang had heard about how Jiang Xiuqin disliked Yun Xi.

And she knew that the rumors were true after todays encounter.

Knowing that she was here for Yun Xi, yet to keep on mentioning Yun Ziling without a single word about Yun Xi… How biased could a mother be

How could she not know what kind of grades Yun Ziling had All she needed to do was just ask around, and it would be easy to know her grades and virtues.

After all, there were no secrets in the neighborhood.

“No need! Yun Xi has won an award, and we have more confidence and trust in her.

We will only look for her to help with our childs homework.”


Zhang, do consider again, our Ziling…”


Zhang sneered.

She knew that continuing to talk to Liang Xiuqin would be useless, so she turned around and got into her car and left.



Liang Xiuqin went after her, not willing to give up, but the car just drove off.

Liang Xiuqin swallowed a mouthful of exhaust which turned her face black.

“What Whats so good about that wretched girl Arent you afraid that she would curse your son.”

Chen Lixue, who had been watching this entertaining display, walked over and stood by the gate, laughing and mocking Liang Xiuqin, “Who within these residences doesnt know the girls fame, and you want to push your unworthy daughter on them instead.

Fat chance! No one wants Yun Ziling.

Your dear daughter cant make it, and the one who has made it you dislike.

Liang Xiuqin, you are such a loser!”

Feeling full of displeasure, coupled with Chen Lixues incitement, Liang Xiuqin was so furious that it seemed as if smoke was about to explode out of her head.

Taking three steps, she rushed forward and shouted at her, “Thats better than your daughter who got caught trying to fornicate her way to the top.

My daughter is still pure and chaste, while your daughter has lost her reputation.

Yet in terms of thinking of marrying into a good family in the future, which family would want a woman who is shameless and lacks temperance The mother is shameless, and the daughter is equally imprudent.”

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