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Chapter 825: I Dont Agree

Grandfather Jiang gave Yun Xi such high praise.

It was tantamount to giving his wife a slap in the face.

Yun Xi looked down and resisted smiling.

She did not dare to be too obvious.

Even if she did not want to be caught at it, Grandmother Jiangs face still turned red with anger because of what Grandfather Jiang had said.

She had never liked the Yun family, who came from a less privileged background than the Jiangs.

First of all, Grandfather Yun had only been able to move into the military region residence because of Grandfather Jiang, and he had just been an insignificant police guard without any rank.

Yet he wanted to claim connections with the Jiang family through marriage Fat chance.

This marriage arrangement hadnt been mentioned much because the girl had been sent to the countryside because her mother thought she was cursed.

Grandmother Jiang had thought that she would never come back and had never expected that she would be back now.

It must be because she knew that her precious grandson was going be the next head of the Jiang family and was afraid that someone else would snatch away the position as the wife of the head of the Jiang family.

That was probably why she had come back so hastily.

She should take a good look at her background: a girl who grew up in the countryside.

What qualification had she to become the wife of the heir of the Jiang family

“So what After all, this wild girl grew up in the countryside.

Our Henglin is going to take over as the head of the Jiang family.

Only a daughter from the same class would be good enough to marry him.

Only in this way can we call it a perfect match.”

Grandmother Jiang had not said directly how lowly and less privileged the Yun family was, but what she had said was both explicitly and implicitly meant to break off any relationship.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the living room changed drastically.

Not only did Grandfather Jiangs countenance sink, Grandfather Yun too frowned.

What she had said was obvious enough.

The Jiang family clearly despised the Yun family, and this was their way of telling them not to try to marry above their station.

Grandfather Yun was not an idiot.

Of course, he understood the meaning of Grandmother Jiangs words.

Initially, he had had no idea about how to initiate a calling off of the engagement without hurting the Old Chiefs good intentions of all those years ago.

Well, now it was clear that Grandmother Jiang was not in agreement with this marriage arrangement.

“You shut up! What do women know”

Grandfather Jiang gave Grandmother Jiang a stern stare.

The way she had humiliated his old comrade and friend right to his face was clearly not showing him any respect.

Seeing this, Grandfather Yun took the opportunity to get out of this embarrassing situation.

He smiled and diplomatically said, “Old Chief, in fact, we are here today about this matter.

Yun Xi is still young.

In the days when we made this arrangement, it was our selfishness that caused us to make it.

Now the kids have grown up and have met many other people.

They have their own thoughts, and we cant use what we decided in those days to prevent them from figuring out who they want to marry on their own.

If they meet someone they like in the future but cant get together because of our previous arrangements and as a result live unhappily, then it would be our fault.

What do you think, Old Chief”

It was not wrong to put it this way, but Grandfather Jiang felt that mentioning it on this occasion today, it was as if Grandmother Jiang had humiliated the Yun family and forced them to this position because she had really made the Yun family feel awkward and aggrieved.

“Grandpa Jiang, I know that you love me, and you want me and Second Young Master Jiang to get to know each other better.

But during this period since I have returned and have interacted with Second Young Master Jiang, I really feel that were not suitable for each other.

While speaking, Yun Xi glanced at Jiang Henglins mother and continued calmly, “Second Young Master Jiang was born into the Jiang family.

Only someone elite would be worthy of him.

This arranged marriage must have brought Second Young Master Jiang many troubles since he was young.

Therefore, I sincerely request Grandpa Jiang to call off this engagement, so as not to hinder his future happiness.”

Looking at Yun Xis sincere attitude, Grandfather Jiang sighed.

He really liked this girl and wanted her to marry into the Jiang family to protect her.

It was such a pity that the engagement had to be called off.

Just as he was about to agree, a voice suddenly called out from the doorway, “I dont agree with calling off the engagement!”

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