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Chapter 823: Young Master Syndrome

Jiang Henglin loathed the way Yun Xi acted around him.

She was so arrogant! She acted so high and mighty, unlike her sister who he thought was obedient and lovable.

As well as the fact that he did not like her, Jiang Henglin became even more enraged because Yun Xi went against him all the time.

As such, he had never understood why she appealed so much to his grandfather.

He thought that his grandfather must have been possessed to have developed a liking for Yun Xi, this wretched girl.

To make matters worse, Jiang Henglins grandfather had ordered him to develop and cultivate a relationship with Yun Xi.

But, based on her attitude, it was impossible.

He didnt even think they could ever be friends.

Jiang Henglin saw no hope a bond could ever be forged between them.

“Second Master Jiang, it was you who drove up in front of me, and it was also you who approached me.

Dont appear in front of me and dont talk to me if you find me infuriating.

And since you did, please dont start complaining.

Also, it was our grandfathers who arranged the marriage.

I didnt have any say in the matter.

Besides, although it has been a few months since my return to Jingdu, I never once took advantage of the social status associated with the title of Young Madame Jiang, much less paid any attention to our engagement.

On the contrary, youre always bringing up the fact that Im your fiancee.

Apart from that, youre conscious that I dont fancy you and of how I make you feel nonexistent.

Dont tell me youve taken a liking to me Please dont.

Ill never fall for a moron like you!”

Considering the fact that he constantly found fault in everything Yun Xi did, it would be difficult not to associate this with the possibility that Jiang Henglin had taken a liking to Yun Xi and wanted her attention.

Even if he still held a grudge against this arranged marriage, which had been decided when they were both adolescents, this fact alone would not justify his pestering her as much as he did.

The way Jiang Henglin acted with Yun Xi was typical of and a clear indication that he was suffering from Young Master Syndrome.

This syndrome is identifiable when a young master falls in love and seeks an excessive amount of attention from the other party.

If the other party refuses or does not obey his commands, the young master will find every possible means to prove his existence.

Not caring whether he will be leaving a good or a bad impression, he just wishes for his existence to constantly be noticed.

Judging by how Jiang Henglin was acting, it seemed that he had contracted this syndrome and might be in way too deep over his head.

Considering this possibility, Jiang Henglins plan of using Yun Ziling to humiliate and provoke Yun Xi now made sense.

It was never about Yun Xi being a narcissist.

It had always been Jiang Henglins issue and his need to deliberately pick on her.

This was indeed troubling.

“You shut up.” Jiang Henglin shushed Yun Xi.

“Why on earth would I ever fall for you, you scheming little wretch Stop blowing your own trumpet!”

Fortunately, Yun Xi did not make any effort to elaborate further.

If she had, it would have touched his sore spot, triggering an explosive reaction.

Jiang Henglin was a man with a huge ego, and he was bound to explode with fury.

“Fall for her Impossible! How could anyone take a liking to a woman like her” Jiang Henglin muttered under his breath.

Jiang Henglin liked the obedient, lovable type.

Someone who treated him as if he didnt matter and was as proud as Yun Xi would definitely not be his type.

“Your sister is way better than you are.

My grandfather is fond of you, but that doesnt mean yours truly will have to like you too.”

“Okay, then.

Since you like Yun Ziling, then go find her.

Dont stand here and be an eyesore in front of me.”

“You think I want to look at you” Jiang Henglin let out a snort and was just about to continue this inane argument when he was picked up by the scruff of his neck.

“What are you doing here” Chen Yichen spit out, intervening.

Positioning himself right beside Yun Xi, he continued, but with a condescending tone this time, “Here to trouble Yun Xi again, cousin”

With the sudden appearance of Chen Yichen, coupled with the fact that Yun Xi and Chen Yichen were standing so close together, Jiang Henglin couldnt help but disapprove of whatever was happening before his eyes.

“Bro, dont tell me youve taken a liking to this wretched girl A scheming woman is not suitable for you.

Dont be deceived by her innocent looks.

Shes a hypocrite.”

“Hey! Stop it! Thats very rude! How can you speak ill of others, especially Yun Xi Where are your manners”

“You dont need manners when youre dealing with people like her.” Jiang Henglin shot Yun Xi a glare of contempt.

Almost breathless with anger, he continued, “Grandfather has sent me to invite you over tomorrow, to show up or not is up to you.”

Without waiting for her reply, Jiang Henglin stormed off and got in his car.

Stepping on the accelerator, he sped away.

“Yun Xi, dont mind my cousin.

Thats just the way he is.”

Ever since the eldest young masters legs had become incapacitated, Jiang Henglin had been regarded as the Jiang family heir.

As a result, Jiang Henglin was very doted on, especially by his grandfather.

Although Chen Yichen felt that Jiang Henglin had grown up to become unruly and spoiled, he kept his thoughts to himself as this was a Jiang family personal matter after all.

He thought it would be best to refrain from meddling in their affairs.

Upon hearing Chen Yichens remark, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

However, then she casually shrugged it off with a smile.

“Its all right, I dont take it to heart.

Come on, young master, lets get out of here too.”

“Lets!” Chen Yichen agreed.

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