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Chapter 822: I Dont Need Your Attitude

Chen Yichen picked a Japanese restaurant.

He knew that Yun Xi enjoyed seafood and ordered the food that she liked.

Yun Xi was actually quite full, but she still ate some for his sake.

Remembering the red packet that he had given her for New Years, she had to say, “Eldest Heir, the red packet you gave me was too much.

I cannot accept it.”

People wanted red packets just because they were lucky, but the one he had given her had been worth way too much money.

“My company had just gone public.

This was the only way I could think of to share the joy with you.

The gift was not too costly.

It is only when my company makes money that the shares you have will be worth something.

Otherwise, wont it just be a scrap of paper”

His relaxed tone made it sound as if that small amount of money didnt matter to him at all.

But Yun Xi was different.

In her previous life, among the next-generation heirs of the big four wealthy families, Chen Yichen had been the strongest despite his young age.

Be it in terms of financial strength or his methods, he could practically rival Mu Feichi.

The small amount of company shares in her hands could become the deciding factor in the organizations internal power struggle in the future.

It was a scrap piece of paper now, but it wouldnt be in the future.

Reading her hesitation, Chen Yichen decided the fate of those shares by adopting an attitude that didnt allow her to decline.

“Dont feel burdened.

Those are for you, and I never take back anything that I have given away.”

Yun Xi thought about it, then finally nodded her head and didnt say anything else.

If something really happened in the future, she could still return the shares to him.

At this moment, neither of them knew that there would really come a day when these shares would need to be used.

Even though these shares were worth a whopping price when that time came, Yun Xi still gave everything back.

After they came out of the Japanese restaurant, Yun Xi stood at the curb as she waited for Chen Yichen to drive his car over.

She was just considering how to balance Jingdus big four wealthy families without implicating the Chen family when a black sports car stopped suddenly in front of her.

The car had been driving very fast and didnt slow down in front of her, but just screeched on the brakes.

The screaming sound of the brakes and the cold wind which blew up on Yun Xis face instantly woke her up.

The car had stopped only inches away from where she stood.

Luckily, she was standing on a slightly higher bit of sidewalk, or else if the car hadnt braked in time, it could really have knocked her down.

She swiftly looked up at the man getting out of the car.

When she saw Jiang Henglins obnoxious face, Yun Xi really wanted to smash it in with the trophy in her hands.

Humiliating himself at the Weiya Banquet previously, he was now provoking her on the side of the road, using such a crude method.

He must have gone crazy.

The Jiang Henglin from her previous life had not been so vile, nor had he been so stupid.

“Oh, I was wondering who it was! So it is you.

What are you doing here”

Jiang Henglin walked over and leaned against the car roguishly while looking at Yun Xi.

“I heard that you won some international award.

To think that you can actually win something with what little ability you have… Are the judges blind”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and regarded him with a dirty look.

She retaliated unhesitatingly.

“What is it to you that I have received an award Dont be such a busybody!”

When such a fiery, spicy spirit was pitted against Jiang Henglins hot temper, the conversation exploded immediately.

“Yun Xi, dont think that I wont dare to do anything to you just because you are my fiancee.

With the title of the Jiang familys future Young Madame, you get to lord it over other people wherever you go.

Know whats good for you.

Dont give me this kind of attitude.”

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