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Chapter 820: Yun Xi Is Jealous

Making the Qiao family rise in position would not be difficult.

The difficult part would be how to do it quietly.

In Yun Xis previous life, the Qiao family did rise up.

Qiao Ximin also successfully hooked up with Han Yaotian.

From whatever motive, Yun Xi did not know, nor did she ever have the chance to know.

Yun Xi had died by their hands in that life, but she could not rest in peace even after her skeleton had decomposed.

However, it was different in this life.

Ever since her revival, she had proceeded with caution at each step.

She was going to attain the upper hand.

At this moment, the ball was in her court.

She was going to be able to control their destinies as she pleased.

In their previous life, didnt Qiao Ximin dream of marrying Han Yaotian

In this life, Yun Xi was going to help her achieve that goal.

From the perspective of the overall situation she was helping to engineer, the marriage between the Qiao and the Han families would be beneficial.

It would also achieve her goal by making them collude with one another.

However, for Qiao Ximin, who admired Mu Feichi wholeheartedly, to marry a man who she did not love just for the sake of making her father rise up in position, would not only ruin the happiness of her lifetime, but might also torment her deeply.

What Yun Xi was doing now was all about getting everything back on track.

But, of course, the debts Qiao Ximin owed to her had to be carefully cleared and accounted for.

“Baby, hello in there…” Mu Feichi had been staring at her for a long while.

He didnt miss the hatred that was flashing through her eyes.

He didnt really understand in what way the Qiao family had infuriated her so much.

She seemed to focus specifically on them.

“In what way did the Qiao family infuriate you, causing you to pay so much attention to them”

Upon hearing that, Yun Xi snapped out of her thoughts and quietly suppressed the surging emotion behind her eyes.

“They didnt do anything to infuriate me.

I simply didnt like the way Miss Qiao looked at you during the Weiya Banquet.

She looked like she couldnt wait to eat you up.”

Her casual complaint was full of coquettish emotion.

She didnt realize it, but it was very pleasing to the ears of Mu Feichi.

“……” Without a word, Mu Feichi watched her silently, not missing any of her expressions.

Although she seemed to be complaining about Qiao Ximins behavior, to him it sounded more like jealousy and a grumbling of dissatisfaction.

If it were any other woman, he usually didnt like this kind of behavior, but having Yun Xi express these kind of emotions made him feel good.

Being able to see her get angry and jealous of another woman made his mood inexplicably good.

“What, what…” Being stared at by him so directly, Yun Xi took a while to realize what she had just said.

She was so embarrassed that she dived straight under the quilt.

However, Mu Feichi was filled with childlike happiness.

He fished her from under the quilt and gently kissed her all over her face.

“Baby, its a good thing that you know how to be jealous.”

Looking at the shy little thing in his arms, Mu Feichi held on to her tightly.

He couldnt bear to part with her.

“Shut up! Go back to your house.”

She raised her hand and pushed his face away.

Though she was used to his attempts at intimacy, her heart still maintained a barrier.

She needed to go through a lot more before she could stand by him.

What the future might bring and what was in store for her, she really had no idea.

Nothing could stop her on her path to revenge and to become stronger.

“I am not going home today.

Im leaving at dawn.

Ive already asked Qi Yuan to wait for me at the main gate.”

As a soldier, he had to face separation all the time.

Although he hoped that she could get used to this kind of separation, he did not want her to suffer.

Even after marriage, she would have to face these occasions when he could not take her along on his special missions.

“Oh, okay…” Considering that his wound was still bleeding slightly, she did not push him to leave.

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