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Chapter 819: Be the Hand that Control the Overall Situation

Yun Xis eyes widened as she looked at the trends of influence that Mu Feichi had written down.

Indeed, as Mu Feichi had said, all the departments had been set up to check and balance each other.

Everything appeared balanced on the surface, but it was possible to feel a dangerous undercurrent.

“If the Qiao Family is growing strong in secret, it could be used as a weapon against the three noble families and even against the four wealthy clans.

They are dark forces, while we practice in the light.

We could end up in a bad situation.

This is the very killing weapon that the Prime Minister needs to gain too much power and overturn the existing system of checks and balances.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“I understand.

At this moment, there is a balanced power, and you still have the upper hand over him.

If he wants to break this balance, he needs a trump card.

The Qiao Family is his best bet to gain more power.”

She had identified the problem with just one glance.

Mu Feichi smiled proudly.

“My little darling is so smart.

A hint is all that she needs to comprehend the entire problem.”

Mu Feichi put down his pen with a smile, supporting his chin on his fist as he looked at her.

He looked different when he was discussing such a serious topic.

His clean-cut handsome face was still very elegant, but his dark eyes had a look so profound that most people could never have ventured to guess what he was thinking.

Yun Xi turned to meet his eyes.

They had a look that was cold and deep as it was reflected by the shining of the lamp on the table.

She thought she would be able to understand more of what he was talking about, but instead she found herself almost being sucked into their depths.

Seeing her staring at him, Mu Feichi, with a slight smile, pinched her chin to get her attention back.

He pointed at the word president situated in the middle of the piece of paper that he had been writing on.

“The president will take a neutral position in this present situation.

He will not render any support to either side, because he hopes for an equal balance among the various influences.

He does not want any unrest.

Once any infighting starts, it will be easy for any foreign influence to infiltrate and trigger a war.

You should keep this in mind.

Then Jun Country will face internal troubles as well as external threats.”

“I will be prepared.” Yun Xi nodded, her eyes studying this paper that he was explaining to her.

There was a hint of coldness that flashed at the corners of her eyes.

She had never paid much attention to the conflicts and struggles among the upper classes.

Although she knew that their waters ran deep, she had never thought that they could be this bottomless.

If she got involved, she could sink to the bottom and drown.

“Given this situation, what would you do, if you were a person of influence Without being overcautious, could you find a way with ample means and abilities to completely solve this problem”

Yun Xi raised her brows.

She realized that he was now teaching her how to control a powerful situation.

Although he was deeply involved, he never let himself get caught up in it.

On the contrary, he was the hand that controlled the overall situation.

Yun Xi looked at the scenario that was written down on Mu Feichis paper, and a turbulence arose behind her eyes instantly.

After a moment of deep thinking, she took a pen from the table and wrote two words, Han Family, next to Qiao Family.

“If I were in control of the overall situation, I would let the Qiao Family rise in their position and then let the Qiao Family and the Han family be tied together by a scheme of profit and gain, so they would resemble grasshoppers tied to the same rope.

Once there is a coalition, the Prime Minister would think that he has penetrated the four wealthy clans, which is equivalent to controlling the Qiao and Han families.

But he would not know that you have intention to use the Zhao family to replace the Han Family.

When Yumo has achieved the ability to take over the Zhao family and withstand the external pressure, then you can eliminate both the Qiao and the Han families in one blow, completely eradicating them.”

Mu Feichi nodded in appreciation, smiled, and raised his hand to touch Yun Xis head.

Perhaps it was because her thoughts completely coincided with his, he became so happy that he leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips.

“The woman who I fancy is so smart! In the future, when I go onto the battlefield, I wont have to worry when you take charge at home.”

Her intelligence and ability surprised him constantly and made him proud.

Maybe one day in the future, if she was at home plotting out strategy, he would have no worries about charging into battle at the front lines.

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