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Chapter 805: Such Foresight Was Hard to Guard Against

Mu Feichi shook his head.

“Initially, I hadnt paid any attention to the Qiao family, but Yun Xi seemed to be very interested in them and told me some things about their recent movements.

After that, I paid special attention to them and realized that we had almost missed out on some dangerous occurrences.

It was Yun Xis meticulousness that made her notice that the Qiao family was secretly trying to rise up.

Although they did everything very slowly, slowly enough to almost be imperceptible, once noticed, it was hard to ignore.

Obviously, the current head of the Qiao family is hiding what he is up too, as well as being very circumspect.

Mu Feichi closed the magazine he was holding.

“If the Qiao family continues to grow covertly, and, if we hadnt noticed, by the time they became great, it might have been too late to try to control them.

The Prime Minister must have realized what was going on.

And that is why he wants to support them and make them work for him.”

Now Qi Yuan understood the stakes involved.

When he hadnt given it much thought, he had had no reason to be alarmed.

But now that he was aware of how dangerous the situation could be, his back broke out in cold sweats.

The ambitions of the Jun Country Prime Minister far exceeded their expectations.

Such foresight was hard to guard against.

“So thats it! The Prime Minister is well aware of the current situation in Jingdu.

He wants to take control of the various influences in Jingdu but cannot find a way.

The three noble families and you are all good friends, and the four wealthy clans are under your supervision.

Thus, the chances are slim for him to get his hands on them.

So he has secretly supported the Qiao family.

If the Qiao family is able to rise up successfully, then they will exist like a shadow in the dark and we will be in the light.

We will be almost defenseless, and it will be easy for them to attack us.”

“So, whatever the Prime Minister wants to do, Ill support him.

Rather than being in a passive position, its better to take the initiative now.

If Im able to help the Qiao family rise, naturally Im also able to pull them down.

Nowadays, many officials are in the hands of the Prime Minister, each one holding another to ransom.

We also have our own means.

I dont wish that when someone questions my overshadowing power in the future, this group of people will try to go behind my back, understand”

Even if the President owes that girl a life-and-death favor, he still must be fully prepared.

He, Mu Feichi, was not so incompetent that he needed to rely on a woman to save his life.

He had chosen this path, and he had to prepare for all the consequences, whether they were predictable or not.

If he could have been so easily eliminated, he would not have become the head of the Mu family at such a young age.

“I understand! I will not let that happen.”

“Get busy with your work.

As for that girl, watch over her and dont let her get hurt.”

Qi Yun smiled a huge smile.

“Of course…”

It had only been half an hour and he was already missing her.

Sitting on the chair lift Jin Lei explained in detail to Yun Xi all the methods and techniques of sniping and hiding on the mountain, but he didnt tell her how to shoot.

“Instructor Jin, why havent you taught me how to shoot Youve only told me the techniques of a mountain sniper, but, without actually trying to shoot, I wont be able to really understand what is going on.”

“To comprehend it depends on your talent and understanding.

Didnt the Young Commander teach you how to shoot”

“I am still learning…” Her shooting skills were so bad that they werent worth mentioning.

“Since you are still learning, dont rush it.

Shooting is not a skill that can be accomplished in a day or two.

Some people are born snipers, such as Li Zilan.

She is a talent in this field.

As for you, take it slowly.”

“Is Instructor Zilan really that good I have rarely seen her shoot…”

Li Zilan didnt teach her to shoot because Mu Feichi had commanded her not to.

But, because she was either being kidnapped or hunted down all the time, she had no choice but to start learning.

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