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Chapter 804: Indispensable Chess Pieces

Right after Yun Xi had left with Jin Lei, Qi Yuan knocked on Mu Feichis door and entered the suite.

“Young Marshal, are you really intending for Jin Lei to take Yun Xi up the mountain Knowing Jin Lei, Miss Yun may have a hard time.”

“I cant be soft on her when it comes to what she has to learn.

Let him be, he knows where to draw the line.”

Mu Feichi wasnt worried about this training session.

He looked at Qi Yuan.

“How is the situation on the mountain going”

“We have it under control.

We sent some of our men to follow the people that we intentionally let go.

The best scenario will be if we can find their hiding place, but, if that fails, well just have to wait for another opportunity.”

“After the incident on the boat when the fake Crocodile was captured, the real Crocodile wouldnt make another move this soon.

Make sure that our men thoroughly investigate this incident.

If those people were not sent by Crocodile, then we have to be on guard and figure out where they came from.”

“Yes, I understand.” Qi Yuan completely understood the importance of this matter.

He would never allow anyone seeking to harm the Young Marshal to go free.

Qi Yuan raised his head and glanced at Mu Feichi as if he had just thought of something, but was hesitating on how to bring it up.

Mu Feichi glanced at him.

“If theres something you want to say, just say it.”

“Do you really not intend to tell Miss Yun about Crocodile At least, if she knows the truth, she will be able to stay cautious.”

“She is always cautious, there is no need for you to remind her.

It is a good habit she has.

If you tell her, she will instead get bogged down.

Everything will be fine as long as we dont make a mistake, and we must make sure that her safety is never compromised.”

“Okay, youre right.” Qi Yuan nodded.

“Also, various departments in Jun Country are electing new leaders soon.

There may be another huge power shuffle this time, as all the various factions are raring to make their moves.

Be it on the military side or the Prime Ministers side, there are probably quite a lot of people who wont be sitting in government any longer.”

“An election happens every three years, yet Jun Country always makes such a big deal of it.

Those people who believe that they are the predators and recklessly put everything they have into this fight have probably forgotten the existence of hunters.

Let them fight it out, we will observe the situation.

However, you must have someone investigate each faction thoroughly.

I dont want anything out of the ordinary to happen.”

“Got it.

I understand.”

Jun Countrys current power dynamics had been established not just with the system of checks and balances worked out between the three noble families and the four wealthy families.

Other factions were also involved.

No matter whether they reported directly to the president or if they seemed to be unaffiliated and independent, the military and other political agencies were all actually indispensable chess pieces.

Each chess piece had its use.

If even one chess piece made a wrong move, the whole game would be thrown into turmoil.

“How are things going with Yun Yuanfeng”

“It is all arranged.

Since he knows that there is a chance for him to make contact with Mu Feichi, he has been trying to use all of his connections to meet you just once.”

“When were back in Jingdu, please find a time to arrange the meeting.”

“I will.” Qi Yuan was quiet for a moment, but then brought up something that had surprised him.

“Something else.

The Qiao family has been making a lot of moves recently.

The Prime Minister may be intending to bring them to his side.

I dont really understand it.”

“What dont you understand” Mu Feichi looked up.

“You dont understand why the Prime Minister might choose to make connections with the Qiao family instead of the Han family, which has been involved in so much gossip”

“Yes…helping the Qiao family come into power now is not a wise move.”

“How do you know that there isnt someone pulling the strings behind the scenes”

“Hmm What do you mean”

“Currently, Jingdu is stable and balanced.

It would be impossible for the Prime Minister to make space for the Qiao family in this balanced landscape even if he wanted to.

However, if I want the Qiao family to come into power, then the Qiao family will definitely come into power.”

“So, having the Qiao family come into power is actually your intention”

“Thats right.”

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