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Chapter 803: Turn Your Frustrations into Your Driving Force

Mu Feichi glossed over this subject.

Ever since hed been injured, all subsequent activities had been cancelled.

What surprised Yun Xi was that neither Qi Yuan nor Jin Lei had talked about their dangerous encounter on the ski run in front of Mu Feichi, as if they had agreed upon it in advance, and Mu Feichi didnt ask them any questions either.

Although Yun Xi was curious about all that had happened, because none of them had brought it up, it didnt seem right for her to suddenly bring it up either.

She decided not to say anything.

However, after this incident, she was feeling more wary and cautious.

Mu Feichi noticed how distracted she was and understood what she was worrying about.

He sighed softly,

He raised a hand to pat her head.

“Dont feel guilty and dont overthink this situation either.

This incident was not your responsibility.”

“Actually, what I was thinking about was that if I had listened to you and gone down the hill right from the start instead of heading back to save you, would any of this have happened When I think about it, I feel so incompetent.

Ive been training with Li Zilan for so long and learned so much, but when it really mattered, I wasnt even able to protect one person.”

If her skill level was still not good enough to fight side-by-side with Mu Feichi, she could accept that.

After all, he was the respected Young Commander of Jun Country.

But when something like yesterdays events happened, it made her realize how useless she was.

“Babe, youre not strong enough yet.

Its not your responsibility to protect someone else.”

In order not to have her keep on blaming herself, Mu Feichi tried to divert her attention.

“Anyway, you may have also noticed that a mountain in the snow provides an ideal sniping location.

It is much easier for snipers to hide on a snowy mountain than in a forest.

You havent been professionally trained, but when I started firing, you were able to dodge swiftly, and that is already extremely impressive.”

“Stop trying to console me, I know what Im worth.”

“Since we need to stay here for another two days, lets have Jin Lei train you on the mountain.

There arent many snowy mountains like this back home, and they provide excellent sniping locations.

I have observed this place, and it is a good training ground.

Training for operations in the snow is one of the courses you will need to take in the future.

Lets let Jin Lei get you started now.”

“Are you sure”

“Jin Leis skills arent worse than mine.

It will be a good opportunity having him teach you.”

“I initially thought that Jin Lei had been taught by you like Qi Yuan and Feng Rui.

When I found out that he is actually on the same level as you, I realized that Ive been underestimating him.”

“The true hidden master is the one who looks more ordinary than an ordinary person and doesnt reveal even a hint of a weakness.

That way, youll be invincible in the future.”

He raised his hand to pat her head.

“Turn your frustrations into your driving force.

You only have two days.

I look forward to you learning a lot of things from Jin Lei.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She stood up, determined to make up for her disgraceful past.

“I understand!”

After lunch, Mu Feichi called Jin Lei to his suite.

Jin Lei looked toward Yun Xi, then toward Mu Feichi, who was resting in bed.

“Young Commander, youre looking for me”

“We have to stay here for two more days.

Could you take her up the mountain for training.” Mu Feichi spoke casually, while reading a military magazine.

Jin Lei paused.

Mu Feichi had just asked him to train a little girl in a foreign country in a tone of voice as casual as if he was discussing the weather today.

Mu Feichi had a lot of nerve.

He was making big trouble for him.

“Why, you dont want to” Mu Feichi had been waiting for quite a long while without hearing a reply, so he looked straight up at him.

“Thats not it.

How much do you want her to learn”

In only two days, shed be lucky to even master the basics.

It was pointless to even think about training.

“The level of a professional sniper.”

“Are you sure”

“Do I look like Im joking”

“All right, I get it.” Jin Lei nodded and turned to look at Yun Xi, his handsome face exuding cool.

“Lets go! Wed better get started.

We should go up the mountain right now.”

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