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Chapter 802: You Want to Buy the Second Half of My Life

Ultimately, due to the fact that he was in such good shape, Mu Feichi woke up earlier than Yun Xi had expected.

When he saw who was sleeping beside his bed, the proud man felt his heart ache badly at that moment.

The anesthesia had worn off, and the most difficult and dangerous moments had passed.

He lifted his hand to take off the cold towel that was resting on his forehead and quietly got up from the bed.

As soon as he moved, the person sleeping next to him lifted her head.

Her dainty face turned to him, still a little confused and dazed because she had just woken up.

“Youre awake! How do you feel” She had not slept well, and now she had to force herself to wake up.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at him.

“Im all right now.

This small injury was nothing.” Mu Feichi lifted up his hand and fondled her messy hair.

“You havent slept the whole night.

It seems as if you have been tormented.”

This was a challenging sentence.

Yun Xi looked up at him and spitefully answered back, “Are you going to take responsibility for me”

“Well, babe, what kind of responsibility are you talking about Accompany you in sleep…”

“You were so badly hurt, and you can still joke.

As for responsibility, I should be the one responsible for you.

After all, you took a bullet for me.”

Even with such a bad injury, he could still tease her as soon as he woke up.

It was really his style, never playing by the rules.

“Well! Since you want to take responsibility, then…,” he paused, his eyes like a deep bottomless lake with a hint of bewitchment, “…commit to me the second half of your life!”

Yun Xi was fully awake now and sober.

Her cunning eyes were beaming, and she looked at him, smiling, “You want to buy the second half of my life”

Since he was in such a good mood that he wanted to tease her, it meant that his injury was obviously not too serious.

“Of course, I think about it all the time.” Whether the second half of her life or the lower half of her body, he wanted it all.

“Fat chance!” She stood up and threw her answer at him, “Lie down and wait till I get someone to send you breakfast.

Guess well have to delay your return due to your injury.”

“My injury is not serious.

The schedule remains unchanged.”

Yun Xi nodded, knowing that his physique was extraordinary.

She said no more, but stood up and prepared to go to the bathroom to wash up.

Behind her, Mu Feichi slowly got out of the bed and followed her.

“Why didnt you ask me what happened yesterday”

Yun Xi squeezed out some toothpaste and casually replied, “If you want to tell me, tell me.

Im still waiting for an explanation.”

She hesitated for a bit, fearing that he would give her a perfunctory response, and she emphasized, “Give me a good explanation, from the beginning to the end and dont leave out anything.

I know that you have been hiding things from me.

The people who came this time were obviously targeting me, and they were all top-class mercenaries.

I have not offended anyone lately.

Apart from Crocodile, I cant think of anyone else who can afford to engage mercenaries to cross borders to hunt me down.

But we have already arrested Crocodile, so who could they be”

Yun Xi turned and looked at the man standing at the door of the bathroom.

There was a tacit understanding between them since they had known each other for so long.

“The other party is really after me.

Being in this position, I have lost count of the number of people who have wanted my life.

Since they are after me, they would have definitely done a check on me.

Apart from Li Zilan, there are no other females around me except you.

Would they have targeted Qi Yuan or Feng Rui when instead they could attack my Achilles heel

Yun Xi paused in her brushing, looked at him suspiciously, and bit her toothbrush, “If it wasnt Crocodile, then who could it have been Tell me the truth.”

“In recent years, I have been committed to cross-border drug control and cross-border aid to war-torn countries.

Im afraid it will take some time to find out who it was.”

Yun Xi looked down and thought that what he had said was reasonable.

She was not clear about the dark influence of cross-border drug-trafficking.

It was a very lucrative business.

It was not surprising that they could afford to hire mercenaries.

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