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Chapter 801: Not on the Same Level

Due to the poor operating conditions, Mu Feichis wound became infected, and he developed a high fever in the middle of the night.

Yun Xi was busy until dawn and wasnt able to rest all night.

She felt relieved when his fever finally broke at daybreak.

Toiling all night, she didnt feel fatigued since she was so worried about Mu Feichi.

She washed her face, opened the door, and looked at Qi Yuan, who was standing outside.

At this slight sound, Qi Yuan and Jin Lei, who had been snoozing outside, opened their eyes and came right over.

“Miss Yun, how is he”

“His fever has broken.

All will be well when he wakes up in the morning.

You can have someone prepare a little porridge and send it over when he wakes up.”

“Okay, right away.”

As soon as Qi Yuan had left, Yun Xi looked at Jin Lei.

She was not familiar with him.

They had only met once when he had saved her, and she hadnt seen him after she had woken up.

“You are Jin Lei” Yun Xi looked at him.

His eyes were bloodshot.

“Yes,” Jin Lei lifted his eyes and looked at the young girl who had taken care of their Young Commander all night.

She looked a little tired.

But her bright, clear eyes had an indescribable charm, which made one feel as if their soul could be cleansed with just one look at them.

Mu Feichis comrades were all a little curious about this girl that Mu Feichi had taken a fancy to.

Her capability at such a young age was astonishing.

Whether it was her running up Mount Tianyu or escaping Area A all by herself, her potential had created a lot of curiosity.

This little girls abilities had been good enough to gain Mu Feichis appreciation of her.

“Those men on the mountain yesterday, have they been dealt with”

“Its all taken care of.

All the follow-ups will be dealt with when the Young Marshal wakes up.”

Jin Lei did not say much.

Not knowing what Mu Feichi wanted to be kept from her, he obviously couldnt tell her very much.

“They were after me, right”

She had thought about it all night, thinking through what had happened yesterday.

She had realized that it was not as simple as Mu Feichi had said.

The other party had arranged people at the most dangerous fourth ski run.

However, they had also arranged a large group charged with making a final execution to be waiting at the third ski run.

It was clear that they had guessed that Mu Feichi would send her away via the third ski run.

Thus it was obvious that she had been their target the whole time.

If it had been just to target her and nothing else had happened, she wouldnt feel so tense.

But because Mu Feichi had taken a bullet in her place, she was extremely troubled.

She was perfectly capable of handling things all by herself.

Sometimes, when dealing with these kind of things, her methods were not inferior to those of Mu Feichi.

Jin Lei hadnt expected that she would ask that question.

He chuckled.

“Regarding this question, its more appropriate for you to ask the Young Commander.

Some things are better not to say.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, looked at Jin Lei, and nodded slightly.

“Now I know why he brought you and not Feng Rui.”

If Feng Rui had been here, she would only need to coax him a little and he would spill everything out.

As for this Jin Lei, he could not be persuaded.

“Both the Young Commander and I were the students of Instructor Yan.

His rank was higher than mine.

I admired him, and that was why I stayed in the Special Combat Unit.

Feng Rui was trained by Mu Feichi.

We are not at the same level.”

Then Yun Xi understood.

She looked at Jin Lei with more respect.

“Pardon me for my rudeness.”

She had thought that Jin Lei was on the same level as Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, who had been trained by Mu Feichi.

She had not expected that Mu Feichi and Jin Lei had been comrades in arms.

No wonder he was hard to deal with.

“As for the Young Commander, Miss Yun, its going to be hard on you.”

“He was hurt because of me, so its only natural that I would be the one to take care of him.”

Jin Lei saw Qi Yuan walking over.

He nodded and softly said, “Some things are more reliable if you hear them with your own ears rather than from the mouths of others.

Miss Yun, what do you say”

“Well, youre right.”

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