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Chapter 800: Courage to Fear Neither the Past nor the Future

Jin Lei and his team came very quickly.

The special combat unit that surrounded Mu Feichi with a human wall parted for them.

“Young Marshal…” Jin Lei gasped when he saw that Mu Feichi had been injured.

“We have cleared all the obstacles on the third and fourth ski runs.”

Yun Xi grabbed a handful of snow.

Its chill brought her back to her senses.

She looked up, not wanting to spend another second in this dangerous place.

“We have to get him to the hospital immediately.

We cant leave the bullet inside him much longer.”

Mu Feichi frowned and grabbed her hand.

“No, not to the hospital, but back to the hotel.

Jing Yi will get all the necessary things ready.”

Realizing that it was useless to oppose him, Yun Xi did not insist on going to the hospital.

She carefully helped him up onto the snowmobile, and they quickly started their descent of the mountain.

Yun Xi drove the snowmobile with Mu Feichi holding onto her waist from behind.

Mu Feichi leaned on her back with his eyes half-closed and smiled to himself.

The ski slope was uneven, and Yun Xi worried that the bumps could aggravate his wound.

Thus she tried as much as possible to manage the bike slowly, which was exactly what Mu Feichi wanted.

This was a rare moment of peace and harmony and he wanted to prolong it as long as possible.

Back at the hotel, it was chaos.

When Jing Yi and Jiang Qilin, standing at the entrance to the suite, saw Qi Yuan assisting Mu Feichi, they hastily went forward to greet them.

“Hows the Young Commander doing”

“He needs surgery immediately.

Where is the doctor” Yun Xi asked when she noticed Jing Yi carrying a doctors bag.

“Baby, arent you a doctor You can remove the bullet,” Mu Feichi said in a weak voice.

“……” Yun Xi, stunned for a moment, hastily turned and looked at the man beside her.

She frowned and asked, “Are you sure”

She had never performed surgery to remove a bullet before, but that didnt mean that she didnt know how to.

“Im sure.

You do it!”

“What if the stitches are ugly and it leaves behind a scar”

“No matter how ugly it is, it doesnt matter.

It will be for your eyes only.

No one else will ever see it.”

“……” She decided she would do it because he was insisting and it had been her fault that he had gotten hurt anyway.

Removing the bullet wouldnt be a problem for her at all.

“Qi Yuan, come in and assist.

The rest of you, wait outside!”

After helping Mu Feichi onto the bed, Yun Xi opened the doctors bag and quickly identified the surgical equipment.

Putting on sterilized gloves and a surgical mask, she started the pre-surgery preparations.

After administering the local anesthetic, Mu Feichis knitted brows gradually relaxed.

Due to his extraordinary strength, he had been able to remain conscious and attentive even though he had lost a great deal of blood.

Yun Xis hand movements were neat and unhesitating.

Mu Feichi simply lay on the bed and silently watched her remove the bullet from his body.

She was calm, poised, and composed, so perfect that he felt that giving her everything in the world was not enough to express his love and affection for her.

The bullet was quickly removed.

Yun Xi instantly helped to stop the bleeding and stitched up his wound.

For over an hour, nobody had uttered a word.

This was not the first time a bullet had been removed from Mu Feichi as he remained conscious.

But this time, with her around, he really wanted to have a good sleep.

“Qi Yuan, you and Jin Lei follow up on this urgent matter.

The rest can wait until I wake up.”

“Certainly, Young Commander! Please sleep well.

We will handle the rest.”

After Qi Yuan left, Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, who had fallen fast asleep.

Then she took out a clean set of clothes and prepared to change.

Since the surgery had been done under poor conditions, she was worried that he might get an infection.

It was going to be a sleepless Valentines Day night.

Standing before the full-length window, she looked down at the dense concrete jungle below.

Ever since Han Yaotian had pushed her off a balcony in her previous life, she had rarely looked down from such a high place.

Her fear of heights had always appeared to suck her into a whirlpool, making her dizzy and frightened.

But at this moment, her heart remained very calm, calm enough so that she could hear her own breathing.

This must be the courage given to her by Mu Feichi, she thought.

He had given her the courage to fear neither the past nor the future, removing all the obstacles before her.

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