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Chapter 796: Wouldnt That Break His Heart

Yun Xi was wearing multiple layers of clothes so it didnt hurt when she was thrown on the table.

But she still got dizzy and was seeing stars.

Mu Feichi pulled over a chair and sat down beside her.

He looked coldly at the flustered person who was now sitting on the table.

He was fuming with anger.

Yun Xi looked at the sullen man sitting in front of her, not caring about how angry he was.

The anxiety she felt could be seen in her eyes.

She couldnt conceal it anymore.

“Are you all right I…I was so worried that you would be outnumbered and couldnt handle them all, so…”

“So, you chose not to listen to me and came here to be a burden” He gave her a stern look.

He was really hopeless when it came to her.

He should be angry, so angry that he felt like beating her up.

But when he saw that she had been so anxious about him, he simply couldnt do it.

This girl who had always tugged at his heartstrings had been extremely worried about his safety.

She had even risked her life to look for him.

So as a man, how could he stay indifferent to that

“I am not trying to hold you back.

Its just that you arrived just as I was about to execute my plan…”

She didnt know how to face him after hearing what hed just said.

She felt ashamed.

After all, she had really disobeyed him and caused a lot of trouble.

She had wanted to help him, but it was just that he had solved the problem before she could do anything to help.

“Why dont you trust me Since when have I done anything that Im not confident about”

He couldnt bear to reprimand her after all.

Mu Feichi sighed and pulled her into his arms.

It was not the first time that she had wanted to fight alongside him.

But sometimes he just couldnt bear it and didnt want her to take any risks.

If she ever got into an accident in front of him, wouldnt that break his heart

“Its not that I dont believe in you.

But compared to being in the forest, it is much easier to hide and camouflage oneself in the snow.

I was worried that they would have snipers, and you wouldnt be able to defend yourself.

No matter how good your skiing skills were, could you guard against bullets that were being shot at you from behind”

That was what she had been worried about at first, and she had lost all her composure whenever she thought about it.

Moreover, they had walked for almost two miles.

They were now at least six miles away from the foot of the mountain.

Nothing had happened so far along the way, so perhaps the real deal hadnt even appeared yet.

“Whether or not thats the case, you cannot be here with us.

Get off the mountain now! I will get someone to take you down the mountain on the third ski run.”


“No more buts.

I will be distracted if you are here! I could die because Im worried about you.” Mu Feichi caressed her head.

“Darling, listen to me! I will explain everything to you when I get back to the hotel.”

“…” Seeing his persistence, Yun Xi could only nod obediently, as she was also worried that she could be a burden.

She had seen the ability of the men he had brought with him.

They were all well trained and flexible, so she would definitely be the one holding him back.

There was a knock at the door.

Mu Feichi stood up, and he saw Qi Yuan when he opened the door.

“Take her down the mountain on the third ski run now.”

Yun Xi didnt dare say anything else but looked at him longingly.

She then bit her lip and walked out, after taking a pair of skis and ski poles that were leaning by the side of the door.

After seeing the two of them skiing away in the direction of the third ski run, Mu Feichi turned to look at Jin Lei.

“Is everyone in their positions”

“Yes, sir! But we couldnt get too close to them, as they have snipers too.”

Jin Lei looked at Mu Feichi with a worried look.

“Sir, are we going to continue moving Its easy for things to go wrong if you use yourself as bait.”

“If I dont make a big sacrifice, they will not show themselves at all.

So get everyone to be prepared.

After that, we will start moving down the mountain.”

“Yes, sir!” Jin Lei sighed and went out to make the arrangements.

They thought that most of their opponents would be in an ambush on this dangerous ski run waiting for Mu Feichi.

No one could have imagined that a group of people had planned an ambush at the most unlikely spot, just waiting for Yun Xi and Qi Yuan.

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