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Chapter 786: Grasped His Vitality

Out of the whole family, Grandfather Yun was the happiest about Yun Xi going abroad to receive the award.

It was as if he saw the hope of the whole family in her.

Initially, Liang Xinyi hadnt paid much attention to Yun Xis getting an award.

But, upon realizing what this award meant, her eyes were now filled with more jealousy and resentment than usual when she looked at Yun Xi.

With this award, it would not be difficult for Yun Xi to study aboard or even be admitted directly to Jingdu University without taking the college entrance examination.

In comparison, with her infamous reputation, Liang Xinyi would not even be able to make it into an ordinary university, not to mention Jingdu University.

Even if she managed to do well on the examination, her chances of acceptance would be slim.

Using Han Zhongteng to help her get into university had turned out to be a disaster.

Her infamous reputation in Jingdu was now known to everyone, and no one would befriend her.

All her efforts this past six months in Jingdu had gone down the drain.

Now, no matter what, she could not let go of her grudge and hatred.

She had been hiding in the Yun family house recently, contemplating her whole future thoroughly, and, finally, with the aid of some advice from someone, she had begun to calm down.

To obtain great achievements, one ought not to be waylaid by such a small matter.

She still had time.

As long as she was in Jingdu, she would be able to salvage her reputation, identity, and status.

At this moment, her greatest adversary was Yun Xi.

With her in her way, the strife between them would never cease.

But she still had ample time.

Yun Xi packed her luggage and went downstairs.

Her eyes scanned the group of people in the living room, all with various facial expressions, comparable to a scene out of a movie.

Grandfather Yun was looking at her with adoration, wishing very much to be able to travel with her.

While most of the others, who despised her, stared with eyes full of jealousy, envy, and hatred.

Yun Xis gaze swept over Liang Xinyi, who was clenching her hands tightly into fists with a look of extreme jealousy.

She had behaved well recently.

Yun Xi didnt think that after the incident with Han Zhongteng she would be more sober.

On the contrary, this kind of sobriety made her feel as if it was the calm before the storm.

However, she was not worried.

With Liang Xinyis current reputation, it would not be easy for her to shine.

Some depravity requires greater darkness and more unscrupulous means to purify.

Liang Xinyi had yet to attain enough intellect and skills to pull that off.

Even if she had, she would need to have enough capital.

Getting this would speed up the rate of Liang Xinyis depravity.

That was something Yun Xi would be looking forward to.

Her second aunt took her to the main gate, where Mu Feichis car was already waiting.

Yun Xi quickly got into the car with her luggage.

Mu Feichi turned and looked at the figure who had hastily climbed into the car.

Perhaps it was her fear of being seen getting into his car that had brought about such swift and hasty actions.

Yun Xi leaned toward Mu Feichi while tucking in her legs to close the door and unintentionally fell onto his legs.

Unexpectedly, her hand had unfortunately landed on his vital parts.

Yun Xi was stunned, and, at that very moment, the driver started the car.

She froze and looked down to where her hand had landed.

What had once been soft beneath her palm had gradually stiffened.

As though struck by lightning, she released her grasp and nervously grabbed the door handle to sit up straight.

“Young Commander, I…I didnt do that on purpose.”

She really had not meant that to happen.

It had all happened so suddenly and had only been a coincidence.

She would have rather dug a hole and hid in it.

Frowning slightly, Mu Feichi took a deep breath, taking in the lingering light sweet fragrance that she had left behind when she fell on him.

Like a spark, it had kindled a fire within his body.

If it hadnt been for the presence of another person in the car and a regard for her reputation, Mu Feichi would have really thought of holding her down to give her some form of discipline.

Mu Feichi looked away and ignored her.

His black eyes were blazing with flame.

With a frown on his face, he gradually suppressed the fire she had kindled.

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