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Chapter 785: The Final Trump Card of This Plot

So now Yun Xi thought that this matter had come to a conclusion when Crocodile was arrested.

In the Crocodile group, with the arrest of the fake Crocodile, the real Crocodile thought that the police and Mu Feichi also considered this matter concluded.

Then, when the time was right, the real Crocodile could surface again.

This was the current plan of Mu Feichi: he wanted to create the illusion that he had been tricked by the fake Crocodile in the incident on the boat.

The real Crocodile had used the fake Crocodile as a decoy to fool Mu Feichi and the police, and Mu Feichi had played along with his ruse.

The show Mu Feichi had put on had been good enough to lure out the fake Crocodile, and it had followed the plan that the real Crocodile had conceived, to mobilize a harbor siege and a sea chase.

This show had led to the successful arrest of the fake Crocodile.

The arrest of the fake Crocodile had been part of the plan of the real Crocodile, but it had also been easily discovered by Mu Feichi.

The battle at sea was the true beginning of the strife between them.

Mu Feichi had plotted everything carefully in order to thoroughly eradicate all the Crocodiles, be they real or fake.

He was not going to allow this canker to pollute the land of the military any longer.

Therefore, the two men began an unscrupulous contest of ability and intelligence.

Yun Xi, who was assembling and disassembling guns in the mountain, didnt know that she had been excluded from the real dark, cruel, and bloody plan put in motion by Mu Feichi.

Perhaps it was fated that she would end up being the final trump card in Mu Feichis plot.

Well, this would be a story for later.

Yun Yuanfeng had taken a little money from his election budget for Yun Xis travel expenses when he found out that Yun Xi was going abroad to receive an award.

It wasnt much, just a couple thousand dollars, but, to Yun Xi, it was better than nothing.

If this money didnt go into her pocket, it would eventually end up in the pockets of corrupt officials.

Yun Xi came down from the mountain and ran into Yao Yings car right before she reached the main gates to the villa complex.

Yao Ying wound down the window and asked her to get into her car.

Her aunt had been waiting on the road down from the mountain specifically to see her, so she must have known where she had been.

Yun Xi got in the car, turned toward her second aunt, and said, “Second Aunt, please dont tell anyone at home about my going up the mountain.”

How could Yao Ying not understand Since the Yao family had received the invitation to the Mu familys Weiya Banquet, she had been a little suspicious.

Then, when Mu Feichi had stood up for Yun Xi at the party, seemingly siding with the Yao family, how could she not have realized what it was really about

In addition, she had already pretty much guessed the reason when Yun Xi had been called to Mount Tianyu to provide medical consultation to the Young Marshal.

Therefore, during the last few days, she had sought excuses to go out daily, and had even stopped Yun Chuhan, who seemed to be trying to tail Yun Xi.

“I know, there are so many ravenous wolves in this family.

If they ever found out that you knew the Young Marshal, they would have consumed you.

However, you have to be careful.

I have stopped Yun Chuhan several times when she was trying to follow you.”

“I see.

Ill be careful.”

She could deal with Yun Chuhans little tricks.

As long as she was not exposed, she could still control the situation and not be hindered in any way.

“The Young Marshal will drive me to the airport tomorrow.

Second Aunt, just take me to the main gates.”

“All right.” Yao Yin turned and looked at the girl sitting beside her.

In the six months since she had returned, she had grown speedily and was able to skillfully deal with all kinds of schemes and situations.

Yun Xi, who had grown up in the countryside, was more responsible and had a broader vision compared to her two incompetent sisters.

She would have nothing to worry about in the future, when the Yun family was handed over to her.

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