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Chapter 773: She Was the Only Person Who He Couldnt Compromise About

“What do you want” Han Wanling wanted to hang up the phone, but she still didnt understand what Yun Xis intentions for calling her might have been.

Moreover, she knew that she was already dead meat from the moment shed picked up this phone call.

The accusation of treachery would be enough to ruin the Han family.

She was afraid that if she hung up the phone now, this wretched girl might have some wicked tricks up her sleeve.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and chuckled lightly as she said, “I dont want to do anything in particular.

Its just that the next time you want to deal with me, just do it out in the open instead of using dirty tricks.”

Before Han Wanling could answer, Yun Xi hung up the phone and handed it to Mu Feichi saying, “Im going to let you take care of the rest.

You can find someone to take me back to shore.

Young Master Jiang is probably anxiously waiting.”

“He knows youre okay,” Mu Feichi responded.

Then he handed the phone to one of his subordinates and pulled her into the boat with a sullen expression.

Yun Xi stood on the deck and watched the special forces members who had gotten off the helicopter.

They swiftly handled the bodies of all the people on the boat who had been killed.

Several speedboats arrived and transferred Crocodile to the Anti-Narcotics and Public Security Department.

“I dont want what happened today to happen ever again!” A cold voice rang out from behind Yun Xi.

Yun Xi immediately stiffened.

She had just turned around when the man behind her suddenly stretched out his hand to prop himself on the railing.

He domineeringly trapped her between the railing and his arms.

One tall and the other short, they had an adorable height difference.

Amid the salty sea breeze, there was a romantically ambiguous ambience.

“Young Marshal, what are you referring to” With her back against the railing, Yun Xi raised her head slightly to look up at the arrogant, noble man in front of her.

He had the aura of a mature man.

A soldier like him who lived on the battlefield all year round always had an intimidating and imposing presence.

Especially…when he talked to her seriously, she didnt dare to get distracted.

Even if it was just a reprimand, she could only listen obediently.

He always had such an imposing manner and so much charm that almost everyone was infatuated with him and unable to resist him.

Mu Feichi leaned over and lowered his head, as if to kiss her.

Looking at each other at such a close range put incredible pressure on Yun Xi.

This was a confrontation of power, in which she was no match for him.

His hand suddenly let go of the railing, and he pinched her chin.

His gloomy eyes appeared a little stern.

“Babe, there are some things that I will only say once.

The woman I have my sights set on doesnt need to act as bait to draw out the criminals Im chasing.”

Yun Xi blinked.

She heard what he said, but there are always emergencies.

“Did you hear me” Seeing that she was unmoved, he couldnt help but increase his tone.

“Yes, I heard you!” Yun Xi nodded seriously.

Anyway, when any time like today comes again, she will act according to the situation on the battlefield.

She isnt afraid of acting first and reporting afterward.

Mu Feichi looked at her stubborn face and sighed slightly.

“Babe, the reason people have weaknesses isnt because they cant afford to lose, but because if they lose, it will be a regret that lasts a lifetime.

I can compromise on other things, but you are the only exception.”

She was the only person who he couldnt compromise about.

Compromising meant surrender.

He could no longer bear the consequences of losing her.

“I see…” It was rare for him to talk to her so seriously, and when she heard his words, she felt a sense of heartache.

He cant afford to lose her, but what about her Can she afford to lose him

“Ill take you to Jiang Qilins villa, watch you treat his illness, then take you home.”

“Why are you going to watch me give him treatment” She raised her head suddenly.

After arresting Crocodile, shouldnt he still have a lot of things to deal with

“I dont want you to touch other men.”

“In my eyes, Jiang Qilin is a patient.”

“Hes also a man.”


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