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Chapter 767: Being Kind to the Enemy Was Being Cruel to Oneself

Early that morning, residents and businesses in the neighborhood of the villas had received news that someone had gone crazy and killed someone with a knife the night before.

The murderer hadnt been caught yet, and it was advised that nobody should go out.

The shops that had been closed for New Years Day remained closed.

Tourists visiting the beach turned back halfway there, and the beach suddenly became very desolate.

Crocodile escorted Yun Xi all the way to a speedboat docked near the beach.

Seeing that the usually lively beach was deserted and therefore thinking that something was wrong, he grabbed the man waiting next to the speedboat.

“Whats the matter Why is there no one here”

“Boss, a murder allegedly happened last night.

A madman took a knife and started slashing at people.

A body was just taken away this morning, and he hasnt been caught yet.

Everyone is at home and afraid to go out.”

“How could there be such a coincidence…” Crocodile became suspicious.

“How could there be such a coincidence I heard that it was a couple that had come here to celebrate New Years.

The husband caught his wife cheating on him with someone else in the villa, and he took out a kitchen knife and stabbed her.”

“Okay, then hurry up.” Crocodile naturally didnt pay any attention to this kind of trivial family matter, and he relaxed his vigilance.

After getting on the boat, Yun Xi looked all around the surrounding sea.

After a while, she saw a freighter that seemed to be at rest on the sea not far away.

Mercenaries armed with guns were standing around the boat.

Yun Xi was taken to a cabin by Crocodile and locked up.

After the door outside the cabin had been locked with a click, she rubbed her sore shoulder, and looked at the narrow, rudimentary cabin.

This was an old boat.

With a small window and a table beside the bed, the room where she was being held must have been a cabin for sleeping.

She glanced at the old window.

There were no iron bars outside the two small sliding glass windows.

Perhaps it was an escape window for a timely rescue in case of an emergency, but now it became a life-saving door that gave her hope.

She took off her shoes, raised her hand to open the window, and noticed the turbulent water outside.

There were no railings and no place to find her footing.

Yun Xi took off the parachute rope bracelet, tied one end to the foot of the bed, and grabbed the other end with one hand and stuck half of her body out the window.

She looked left, right, up, and down.

She was in the middle of the boat, and there was no place for people to stand, so the guards seemed to have been relatively lax.

She moved stealthily and crawled out of the window.

The boat was oscillating with the waves.

She carefully grasped the window and slid down.

She tightened the parachute rope in her hand and cautiously stuck to the side of the boat as she moved toward a small platform on the other side.

There was only one person guarding the platform, and that person was facing away from her.

She quickly took out the scalpel in her coat and quickly attacked him.

Before he could react, she had twisted the mans neck and the scalpel in her hand quietly cut through the mans carotid artery.

The man let out a muffled cry, his eyes rolled, and he fell into the sea.

Yun Xi stood on the small platform while coldly staring at the figure disappearing into the rolling waves.

Her clear eyes were cold.

Now that she had embarked on this path to become stronger and had also gotten into a lot of trouble, she wasnt going to let herself be too soft-hearted toward these mercenaries who had the blood of innocent civilians from all over the world on their hands.

Being kind to the enemy was being cruel to oneself.

If she wanted to succeed with this plan, then she couldnt start being too naive or too nice.

Following the boats internal structure that she had learned from a diagram that Grey Wolf had given her, she quickly found the captains cabin.

There was only one person who was in charge of setting the course of their journey in that cabin.

She looked at the scalpel still dripping with blood in her hand and slightly narrowed her piercing eyes.

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