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Chapter 751: Obedient

“I may be unreasonable towards others, but Ive always been reasonable to you guys.

It looks like youve got a lot of free time right now; you should catch the mole instead of wasting your time.”

“The intelligence department has always been out of my control.

Its just catching a mole, so its easy!” Li Zilan turned over the personnel schedule in her hand and took a closer look.

A few seconds later, she raised her head in astonishment.

“Are you really going to use this girl as bait to lure the snake out of its hole”

This wasnt his M.O.

He would never be so bold!

Mu Feichi didnt get a chance to reply because Yun Xi spoke first, “I suggested that bolstering the front line will just raise the risk factor.

If you finish off Crocodile earlier, Ill be more at ease.

If he doesnt make a move, you guys will have to continue protecting me and keeping me under surveillance.

But even a tiger needs a nap, and if Crocodile makes a move when youre off guard, then Im done for!”

“Thats right, but there is a greater risk of using you as a bait.

If youre not completely confident, I wont agree to this.”

Yun Xi still hadnt fully mastered her skills yet, and everything she had learned here were basic life-saving skills.

Although she had been lucky enough to win against Crocodile the last few times, her luck wont always be so good.

“The danger is only relative.

It depends on how you arrange things and how you attack.”

Yun Xi turned to look closely at Mu Feichi.

“I think the Young Marshal also has the same plan.

If I wasnt the enemys target, you would already have made your decision.

You would have approved these plans and strategies.

Youre only hesitating right now because its me.

Once again, this proves that Im your weakness and Crocodile will jeep taking advantage of it.

Im truly honored to be your one weakness!”

Mu Feichi touched her head helplessly.

She was being so well-behaved that it really made him a little bit dumbfounded.

“Since you know that you are my weakness, why do you keep putting yourself in danger”

Although the woman he liked will inevitably become the target of his enemies, he also had the confidence to know that he had the ability to protect her.

“Young Marshal, it is better to teach people how to fish than to give them the fish directly.” Yun Xi looked at him with determination.

This problem was finally settled.

She didnt want instructor Zilans disagreement to make him change his mind.

Li Zilan chuckled and put away the schedule in her hand.

“Well, you two can negotiate by yourselves.

I really cant stand this PDA.

I will carry out the rest of the plans.”

She raised the schedule in her hand and waved it in the air.

“I will notify you of the location and get rid of the mole along the way.”

As soon as Li Zilan left, Yun Xi pulled Mu Feichishands.

“Young Marshal, who is in charge of your intelligence department”

“Why do you want to know” Mu Feichi looked at her and realized that she was very interested in this matter.

He took her hand and stood up.

“Lets go.

You can see for yourself.”

When she heard that he was so generously offering to take her to visit the “heart” of his special forces, she became more energetic.

But as soon as she stood up, the butler hung up the phone and walked over.

“Young Marshal, the residences sentinel called over and said… Miss Si is at the gate of the residence.

She probably came to see Miss Yun.”

Mu Feichi asked aloofly, “How did you reply”

He had left instructions earlier this morning: Si Wenxuan and Han Qin, the two women who came to the door to cause a fuss, were not allowed to enter, even if they showed their identities.

“Dont let her in.

I instructed the guards that if Miss Si makes trouble again, that they need to notify the President to come over and pick her up.”

She cant go up Tianyu Mountain, so she came to the residence to cause trouble.

This Miss Si was really troublesome.

“Okay! Pass down the order to strengthen the review of the personnel entering the residence.

Special people who seek the Yun family shall be reported to me.”


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