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Chapter 75: With Looks Like That, Is She Worthy

As she stood in the living room checking the stitches on Chen Yichens neck, Yun Xi was listening to what was going on outside.

“How can you, the magnificent eldest son of the four great giants, be so venomous toward girls Dont you realize that you should be chivalrous toward women”

“It depends on who it is! Her, with looks like that, is she worthy”

Chen Yichen glanced over at Yun Xi and found that she looked really beautiful today.

She appeared gentle and unadorned with her hair in a bun.

She had an understated elegance.

Like a Taoist woman who had come straight from the mountains, there was an otherworldly fairylike quality to her.

“Little Yun Xi, you look so beautiful today.

Mom, what do you think”

Chen Yichen asked Jiang Wanyun, who had just come in, in a prideful tone, as if Yun Xi were his.

Jiang Wanyun also noticed that the dress that the girl was wearing didnt look as if it could be bought in a shop.

“Your dress is really beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Its definitely the attire of a high-class lady.

But…you didnt buy this dress from a store, am I right”

“Madam is quite perceptive.

This was my grandmas dress from when she was young.

I have a lot of them.

Theyre quite antiquated, and they had been left piled up in the utility room.

They are all handmade silk with embroidery from the old generations of Jiangnan.

This couldnt be bought from a store now.”

Only her own mother would find these things ugly…

In another ten or 20 years, these clothes would be shown in an exhibition hall.

“It definitely looks like something rare.” Jiang Wanyun raised her head.

“How are you, by the way Your family hasnt given you a hard time since you returned home, right”

Just now her second sister had been dressed in designer gear from head to toe, but her older sister could only wear the old clothes left by her grandmother.

It was pitiful just to look at her.

“No.” Yun Xi shook her head.

She didnt intend to elaborate on the people and matters of her family.

“The eldest sons injury isnt severe.

Go to the hospital tomorrow and have the stitches taken out.”

“You can do it for me now.”

He seemed as if he didnt understand that it was easier said than done.

“I want to help, but I dont have any equipment.

Go to the hospital tomorrow.

The hospital has disinfectants to avoid infection.


Yun Xi glanced at the unsightly scar on his throat.

“This scar will probably take some time to disappear.”

Jiang Wanyun was also worried about this.

After all, she only had one beloved son, who was gorgeous and talented, so it would be unsightly for a scar to be left on him.

“Ill ask someone to buy scar-removal medicine tomorrow.”

Yun Xi thought about it for a while.

“The scar-removal ointments on the market arent effective, and most of them are scams.

I remember that a certain pharmaceuticals Chinese herbal formula wasnt that bad, but they are a century-old brand.

This scar-removal drug doesnt have the ingredients of Western medicine.

Its a white ointment, pure Chinese medicine.

It looks a bit ugly, so usually no one buys it, and they rarely sell it.”

“Where You give me an address, and Ill have someone buy it.”

“In the Jiangnan area…” Yun Xi thought about it and decided that it was necessary for her to go personally.

“Let me go in person! The shopkeeper is a little eccentric.

Selling medicine depends on fate.

If you arent sincere, then even if you have the money, you wont be able to buy the medicine.”

In her last life, in order to seek out medicine, she was too impatient and therefore suffered losses.

She had single-mindedly waited for a week at the door of the pharmacy before managing to affect the shopkeeper.

She was worried that the person sent there would be condescending and therefore ruin things.

“Jiangnan is quite far away.” Jiang Wanyun was worried and was about to ask her son to accompany her, but then she turned around to see Chen Yichen answering the phone.

“Okay, I understand.

You call the technical department for a meeting immediately, and Ill come over this instant.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yichen walked straight over to Yun Xi and said anxiously, “Theres an issue with my company.

I have to rush back.

As for the Jiangnan area, I can get my driver to take you over.”

“No need, Ill just take the train.

I should be able to resolve the issue in a day.”

“Its not safe for a girl like you to travel alone.”

“Im not a kid anymore.

What is there to worry about”

She raised her hand to stop Chen Yichen from continuing, and her face had a stubborn expression.

“I insist.

I can protect myself, so dont worry about me.”

Moreover, she was going to go there anyway.

“All right, you be safe.” Seeing her determination, Chen Yichen glanced at Jiang Wanyun.

“Mom, have the butler give Yun Xi some pocket money.

We dont want her to encounter trouble.”

“All right.” Jiang Wanyun called the butler to bring some cash.

“No need, I have pocket money…”

Yun Xi was dumbfounded as she watched the butler pull out a thick pile of cash.

This was the so-called pocket money!

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