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Chapter 746: S*x Symbol!

In the Y City Special Forces Command Room, Mu Feichi sat with his legs crossed.

He looked at the man and woman tied up by Li Zilan as he turned over a thick pile of transaction documents in his hand.

“Young Marshal, we only caught these two, and a few other people.

Crocodile… escaped.”

The woman who was arrested didnt seem to expect that the famous Young Marshal of the nation would be so young, so she couldnt help but look at him a few more times.

As soon as Mu Feichi raised his head, she was mesmerized by his glance.

Staring at him fixedly, she was unable to move her eyes.

“You dont have to look at me like that.

Im not interested in a drug-dealing, promiscuous b*tch like you.”

His cold voice was devoid of emotion and it hit the woman like a bucket of cold water being thrown in her face.

Her face turned red with rage.

Li Zilan couldnt help but sneer.

The Young Marshal was really attractive, and people lusted after him wherever he went.

Even the female drug trafficker in front of him dared to lust after him.

He was really a sex symbol!

Mu Feichi coldly turned his head to look at the man on the side, and said to Li Zilan solemnly, “Pass the order to continue the search.

Contact the anti-drug teams in the surrounding provinces and cities, then cooperate with them.

You will interrogate these two people! I dont believe they dont know where Crocodile has gone!”

“Yes!” Li Zilan answered lightly, stood up straight, and walked towards the woman with a mysterious smile.

“Ill interrogate you first! Women are the hardest on other women! You dared to lust after the Young Marshal, so arent you a bit stupid to keep secrets for a fugitive like Crocodile”

“So what” The woman snorted and warily stared at the devilish and enchanting Li Zilan.

This woman looked a little scary, especially her aggressive eyes, which made people feel a little creeped out at first glance.

“Nothing much.” Li Zilan chuckled lightly.

“When Im done with you, youll be unqualified to even like ordinary men.”

As soon as she spoke those words, Li Zilan waved her hand to signal to the two members of the special forces waiting on the side.

They quickly walked up and grabbed the woman.

“Bring them down.

I will interrogate this woman first.”

Li Zilans insinuation was obvious.

The woman became anxious as soon as she heard this, and in a panic, she looked at the Young Marshal, who was sitting in the main seat.

She used up a lot of energy and tried to struggle.

“I, I can tell you want you want to know it, but you have to keep me safe…”

“Thats not a problem!” Li Zilan nodded.

She likes this kind of straightforward deal.

Interrogating criminals was a most laborious activity.

It was best for them to be able to get what they wanted without having to use a knife or a gun.

But as soon as the woman agreed, the man next to her kicked out severely, knocking her to the ground.

“Shut up! Do you know what the consequences will be if you say anything!”

“I know! But Im doomed no matter what, so I might as well stay here, where I can at least be alive!”

The Young Marshals special forces were highly trained and didnt accept just ordinary people.

As long as she stayed here, her life would not be in danger.

When people in her line of work were arrested, there was usually only one consequence, and that was death!

“B*tch!” The man was irritated by her stubbornness.

Once again, he kicked her her hard.

Even though his hands were handcuffed, he still managed to exert a lot of power in that kick.

Mu Feichi waved his hand, and the special team members quickly grabbed the man.

With no expression on her face, Li Zilan lifted the man from the ground, then turned to the special forces member and said, “Take him down.”

Since they could get the information from the woman, this man was useless to them.

Li Zilan turned her head and glanced at the woman coldly.

“Hes gone, so go ahead! If you want us to protect you, then you have to come up with information of the same value!”

“I, I know…” The woman glanced at Mu Feichi, gritted her teeth, and struggled for a while before she said, “I only heard that the boss is going to Jingdu…”

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