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Chapter 741: Embracing the Beloved in His Arms

On New Years Eve, Yun Xi stayed home with her family to make dumplings and help prepare the New Years Eve dinner.

It has been more than six months since she came back.

This was the first time that she had ever felt the real vibe of New Years.

Instead of fighting and scheming, the family all sat together and helped each other out.

She had been a little absentminded all day long.

Mu Feichi had only told her that everything was going well.

Although she knew that she shouldnt worry about the situation he was in, she still felt a little bit distressed that he couldnt come back for New Years.

She finally understood how hard the lives of soldiers were.

On such a cold day, they still have to be outside, pursuing criminals.

They cant go home for a holiday meal.

Just thinking about it made her feel sad.

After they had finished their New Years Eve dinner, she used the excuse that she had to go study to go back to her room.

The group of people downstairs gathered to play mahjong and watch the Spring Festival Gala on television.

She wasnt interested in drinking tea and snacking and chatting.

Yun Haozhe had brought some test questions from the biology competition for her to study.

Seeing how diligent he was being, even during the New Years celebrations, Yun Xi felt somewhat impressed.

After completing three test questions in a row, they noticed that it was almost midnight.

The people in their neighborhood had the habit of counting down and setting off fireworks to welcome the new year at midnight.

Listening to the sounds of fireworks outside, she glanced at the clock on the table.

It was already past midnight.

The new year has arrived.

She had been in the countryside for the past few years, and the New Year celebrations there had made a deep impression on her.

Although the countryside was poor, there were many much more interesting customs there.

She still remembered the events of her childhood.

Although she had been bullied by the sisters Liang Xinyi and Liang Danyi, in a sense, compared to all the scheming in Jingdu, she had been happier during those years.

As the celebrations came to an end, Yun Haozhe followed his parents back to their villa.

Yun Xi was wrapped in a thick cashmere coat as she stood by the window watching the bright lights outside.

The red lanterns reflected the New Years merry and lively atmosphere.

The snow outside had stopped.

At the sentry post outside the compound, a black car slowly passed through.

The car slowed down as it passed by the door of the Yun familys house.

Mu Feichi got out of the car quickly.

The car did not stop.

It turned around a corner and drove to the entrance of the courtyard.

Along the drainage pipe, dimly lit in the night, a dark figure quickly climbed onto the balcony of the third floor.

He looked at the person standing by the window in the soft light of evening.

A gentle smile appeared on his handsome face.

He raised his hand and knocked on the window, and the person who heard the sound suddenly turned her head.

The moment she saw him, a bright smile that was more beautiful than the fireworks exploding in the night sky appeared on her face.

Yun Xi quickly ran to the balcony and opened the door to let him in.

The man who had just rushed back from Y City entered the warm, dry room.

He was still wearing his camouflage uniform.

His body feeling icy still, he pressed her tightly in his arms.

With her nose pressed against his hard chest, Yun Xi could smell his faint musky fragrance.

For a moment, she suddenly felt as if he was like a soldier who had just returned from the battlefield, embracing the beloved in his arms and celebrating the glory after the bloodshed and using her warmth to block out all the darkness and coldness outside.

In the early morning of the first day of the new year, he had suddenly returned and appeared in her room.

She had forgotten what kind of reaction she should be showing, but raised her hands to hug him and said in a voice muffled by his arms, “Young Marshal, I wish you good luck for the new year!”

Mu Feichi chuckled.

He tilted his head to kiss her on the cheek.

His thin lips planted a big kiss on her warm, soft cheeks.

Then he let go of her and took out a red envelope, which was folded into several layers and already wrinkled from his pocket.

He flattened it out and handed it to her.

There was a soulful and affectionate look in his eyes.

“Babe, I wish you luck for the new year also.”

Following tradition, he had come all the way back just to give her a red envelope for New Years and to give her a New Years greeting.

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