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Chapter 74: This Was the Gap

Having been rejected in such a violent manner, Yun Ziling stood there awkwardly and stared at Jiang Wanyun with a pained and aggrieved expression.

Shed used the same amount of money that a dress would cost to buy this stupid racket, but the eldest son didnt even bother looking at it.

That wretched girl Yun Xi was really taking herself too seriously.

How dare she instruct them to buy something so expensive when the eldest son didnt even like it.

She shouldnt have boasted about knowing what the eldest son would like.

If they had bought something else, perhaps he wouldve liked it.

Just wait until they got home.

She would make her pay for putting her in such an awkward situation.

Since the eldest son obviously couldnt be counted on, she would have to try her scheme on Jiang Wanyun.

If Jiang Wanyun liked her, she would have many more opportunities to visit the Chen familys mansion in the future.

As she thought about this, Yun Ziling decided to forget her embarrassment.

She changed her face into a flawlessly obsequious expression.

“Madam, my mother asked me to bring you this shawl.

You see, fall is about to arrive, so no doubt it will come in handy.”

The butler standing on the side glanced at the shopping bag in her hand and said with a blank expression, “Madam only uses custom-made shawls.

She would never use one from an ordinary brand.”

“I see…” Yun Ziling was embarrassed once again.

Shed almost forgotten.


Chens social status in Jingdu was quite extraordinary, so she probably wouldnt use name brand items like this.

For the truly wealthy and tasteful upper class families, everything they wore was couture without any brands, so they probably didnt look favorably on name brands.

When her mother went into the store to buy the shawl, shed suffered at how much it had cost.

But for Madam Chen, it was merely something beneath her consideration.

This was the gap, the gap between one blue-blood family and another.

Regarding this gap, she was both envious and embarrassed.

“Miss Yun is very considerate.

Please thank your mother for me.

My personal designer just sent a batch of clothes for autumn, so I wont be needing this for the time being.

Please take this back, but Ive taken your goodwill to heart.”

As a born-and-bred blue blood, Jiang Wanyun refused in a polite, refined manner without resorting to hurting her pride or making her feel humiliated.

No matter how embarrassed Yun Ziling was, she could only grit her teeth and bear it.

After all, the gap was there.

Madam simply looked down on the things people of her level used, and there was nothing she could do about it.

But she was unwilling to head home just yet.

She looked up and saw that Jiang Wanyun was arranging flowers.

“Madam, Ive studied flower art before, let me help you.”

With that, she reached for the scissors on the table and eagerly rushed forward to help.

“No, Ill do it myself.

The arrangement of the flowers depends on ones mood, and it will be more fulfilling for me to do it by myself.”

“Please let me help you.

This rose has thorns, so you have to be careful not to prick…”

Yun Ziling was eager to help, but she wasnt careful enough and tripped on the racket she had brought, and her elbow hit a vase on the table.

The flower vase crashed to the ground and, with a clatter, it broke in half.

The butler was instantly anxious and ran over in a hurry, then lamented in a rueful tone, “Ah, this is Madams favorite antique vase! Its worth millions!”

Yun Ziling panicked as soon as she heard the price, and her whole body started shaking uncontrollably.

Not only didnt she manage to help, but shed gotten into trouble instead.

“Madam…Im sorry…I didnt mean it…I didnt mean it…”

How could she afford to compensate for a vase worth millions

Even her parents couldnt afford to take out so much money at once, not to mention what she was capable of getting…

Jiang Wanyuns face grew sulky.

She was thoroughly fed up with her clumsiness and self-righteousness.

“All right, for Yun Xis sake, I will let bygones be bygones.

You should take your things and leave.

As for Yun Xi, I would like her to stay for a meal.

Ill have my driver bring her back later.”

Jiang Wanyun stood up and coldly barked out an order, “Butler, please see the guest out.”


As she stared at Jiang Wanyun leaving, Yun Ziling felt both annoyed and irritated.

The butler was even more uncourteous, and he took her straight out to the door.

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