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Chapter 737: I Dont Need a Reason to Dislike Her

Yun Xi thought that Mu Feichis other courtyard was probably nearby.

She was very surprised to have to take a car there.

Almost all of the land surrounding the Mu Family Mansion was under the control of the Mu family.

There were forests, mountains, and rivers all around.

The Mu Family Mansion sat at the foot of a mountain.

The terrain was wonderful.

Mu Feichi was different, and he liked to live on top of a mountain.

Whether it was the Mu Mansion or his separate courtyard in the Mu familys home, they were both built either on top of a mountain or halfway up a mountain.

As the car drove up along the mountain road, Yun Xi sat and looked at the scenery.

Snow still covered much of their surroundings, and the little bit of dark green color in the forest reflected against the bleakness of the winter.

“Young Marshal, truthfully, Si Wenxuan isnt that bad.

See how happy she made your whole family.”

“I dont need a reason to dislike her.”

“…” Very good.

With a single sentence, he had stopped the conversation, and she didnt know what to say.

“Youre not that bad either.

Didnt you make my whole family happy as well Now, my grandma is expecting that you will cure her disease, and the whole family will start asking you for medical advice if they dont understand something.

Look at my second uncle, whos in the political world, and my third uncle, who is a top leader in the business community, didnt they humbly and patiently ask you for advice Ive never seen them talk to a young girl so kindly and with so much interest.

There are many people in this country who arent able to speak with them even after expending much effort.

Yet when it came to you, they immediately treated you as their own family.”

His thin lips slightly open, Mu Feichi looked straight ahead, and his deep eyes were filled with a buoyancy that couldnt be concealed.

“…” Own family Yun Xi sighed.

How could she not understand that they were polite and kind to her out of deference to Mu Feichi.

However, after visiting the Mu family today, she had a new insight into the bona fide blue-blood family.

The Chen family treated her with great courtesy because she had been the savior of the Eldest Heir and the Old Madame, but the Mu family was obviously a veritable blue-blood family, profoundly sophisticated, cultivated, cultured.

Different from the solemn and haughty blue-blood family that she had expected, the Old Master and the Old Madame were very kind.

Despite their noble heritage, they didnt put on any airs when they spoke to people and didnt seem to judge them either.

Even the two uncles of the Mu family were the same.

They were powerful and awe-inspiring in the outside world, yet they were easy to get along with at home

With such refinement and cultivation, the average family really couldnt compare to them.

Yun Xi couldnt help but think of the Han family and the Jiang family.

No wonder Mu Feichi looked down on the Han family.

Even if they were among the four distinguished families, the Han family wasnt deeply established, and their way of doing things really paled in comparison to that of the Mu family.

There were a lot of people in the living room today.

Mu Feichi had introduced many of his elder relatives to her, but he hadnt introduced Commander Mus second wife.

Commander Mu didnt speak to her much either.

He was probably annoyed by Mu Feichis impulsive meeting-the-parents move today.

Yun Xi turned her head, remembering how he had scolded his younger brother in the courtyard, and she glanced at Mu Feichi.

He was a serious and loving brother.

Although, he was very tsundere as well.

“Young Marshal, I think your younger brother admires you very much, yet youre so arrogant with him.

Youll give him trauma.”

“Hes not less courageous than you are.” Mu Feichi snorted softly, and the car stopped in a clearing at the top of the mountain.

Yun Xi took a secret glance at his profile.

Then he suddenly turned his head, and she felt as if shed been caught doing something shady.

They stared at each other, without moving.

She stared at him so seriously that Mu Feichi felt exasperated and amused.

He raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Next time you want to stare at me, just stare at me proudly.

I give you permission to stare at me.”

“Who wants to stare at you” She pushed away his handsome face, opened the door, and got out of the car.

As her soft palm pressed against his face, there was a faint sweet fragrance.

Mu Feichis eyes narrowed and his thin lips raised into a smile.

He then pushed open the door to get out of the car also.

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