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Chapter 736: She Is Going to Be the Future Madame

The huge living room was full of laughter and chatter.

Perhaps it was because Yun Xi acted low-key and assured, the elders of the Mu family respected this girl who wasnt of high birth, but was nonetheless very special.

In contrast, Si Wenxuan, the daughter of the President, was being completely ignored by them.

Regarding the topic of preserving ones health, Si Wenxuan hadnt done her homework, and she couldnt even chime in.

Regarding the topics of international relations and current affairs, Si Wenxuan knew nothing other than which countrys president and first lady had visited their country recently.

In complete opposition to her, Yun Xi answered everything smoothly.

She was objective and unbiased when analyzing any situation, and she demonstrated no exaggerated pride or arrogance.

She made a great impression on Mu Feichis second uncle and a high-ranking military official, Mu Chongyi, who had asked her a few questions.

Hed been in politics for almost 30 years.

The only people who hed ever seen judge current affairs in such an objective manner were outside observers or media professionals.

She was neither arrogant nor reckless.

When asked if she had done some homework in this area, Yun Xis answer surprised him a little.

“These are the key points of current politics that we are tested on for the college entrance examination.

Some knowledge that isnt in the textbooks has to be explored and studied by ourselves individually.

These are only my personal opinions and do not represent any party…”

After a pause, she glanced at Mu Feichi and added, “They dont represent the Young Marshals opinions either.”

Mu Chongyi smiled and nodded, then glanced at his elder brother.

He was very satisfied with the future Mu family daughter-in-law.

Mu Feichi laughed at what shed said and pretended to be angry as he rubbed her head.

“At least you know how to defend me, so you do have some conscience.”

After lunch, Jiang Chenghuan brought the medicinal liquor over and also praised Yun Xis medical skills.

He felt that such dedicated assistance as hers was really rare.

Mu Feichi ignored him.

Leaving him in the living room to talk to the elders, he pulled Yun Xi by the hand and walked out of the room.

“Where are we going” Yun Xi looked at the elders, who were watching them from the living room, and she felt a little afraid to leave.

“Im going to take you to my other courtyard.”

Si Wenxuan had been paying attention to their actions.

When she heard Mu Feichi say that they were going to the other courtyard, she stood up and moved toward them.

“Brother Chi, Ill go too!” No one but the future Madame of the Mu family could enter the other courtyard.

Si Wenxuan had been to the Mu family home many times, but she had never been invited to the courtyard.

That was Mu Feichis territory, which was the same as a girls boudoir, and not everyone was qualified to enter.

She had always been curious about it, and shed wanted to step into that place to learn everything about him.

It was a pity that shed never had a chance or any excuse to enter.

But now, today, he was going to take that low-born girl over there.

Why What qualifications did she have

Mu Feichi paused and glanced at her, then snorted.

“What are you going to do there Is it a place you think you have a right to go to”

Si Wenxuans face suddenly fell, and she pointed at Yun Xi.

“Then what right does she have to go there”

“On the basis that she is going to be the future Madame.

Doesnt that status make her qualified enough”

“Brother Chi, you…” Si Wenxuan stomped her feet in annoyance and almost couldnt control her temper.

However, in front of so many elders, she couldnt throw a tantrum.

She swallowed her anger and glared at the two of them with a vicious and ferocious look in her eyes.


She wouldnt have a fight in front of everyone, because that would hurt her image as a good girl in front of the elders and make them despise her.

If that happened, she wouldnt have any excuse to get into the Mu familys house in the future.

She couldnt get in the Mu Mansion, but she could get in the Mu familys main residence.

She didnt want to lose her only chance to get close to him.

Looking at his son as he left the room, Mu Chongli kept silent.

He swallowed any words of rebuke that he might have wanted to say.

Who could stop his son from doing what he wanted to do

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