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Chapter 734: Gleeful

Si Wenxuan had always felt that Yun Xi, like a blind cat encountering a dead mouse, had been simply lucky when she had performed the operation with Professor Joseph.

She had just been an assistant standing next to the doctor.

All she had had to do were things like handing over the scissors, tweezers, and gauze.

Professor Joseph had given her a chance, but she had taken advantage of all the benefits and praise that came with the successful operation, as if she had been the great hero.

Si Wenxuan has always been unhappy about this outcome, especially because her mother often praised that b*tch Yun Xi in front of her, and the entire family regarded her as a great benefactor.

From her point of view, however, Yun Xi was a fraud whose medical abilities and skills were fake.

She just pretended to be very capable.

The more anxious Si Wenxuan became, the calmer Yun Xi was.

Looking at Si Wenxuans eyes that seemed as if they wanted to tear her apart, Yun Xi felt extremely innocent.

Si Wenxuan had such a deep prejudice against her, but she didnt care about it anymore.

She didnt care what Si Wenxuan thought about her at all.

The Old Madame waved her hand to shut Si Wenxuan up.

“Thats quite enough, stop talking.

I believe in this girl.”

“Old Madame…” Si Wenxuan glared at Yun Xi with a furious face, but then, as if thinking of something, she just backed off.

The people of the Mu family all believed in this lowly girl so much now.

If the Old Madame wasnt cured and her condition worsened, even if the Old Madame didnt blame Yun Xi, Brother Chi would definitely resent her.

At that time, Yun Xi would become the common enemy of the entire Mu family.

The whole family would despise her, and Yun Xi would see how Si Wenxuan could compete with her then.

That would be good.

It annoyed Si Wenxuan so much that she was such an incredible show-off.

Si Wenxuan was certain that she couldnt keep on having such good luck.

Mu Feichi glanced at the smug expression on Si Wenxuans face.

He could tell exactly what she was thinking and why she was feeling gleeful.

Yun Xi had never let him down.

Since Si Wenxuan wanted to watch a farce, then she would have to wait.

Yun Xi turned her back on Si Wenxuans gleeful eyes and smiled subtly to comfort the Old Madame, who was actually the most nervous one at the moment.

“Old Madame, I will give you a prescription first.

This medicine has to be steamed.

You must keep warm every day.

I will write down all the other details later.

Please pay attention to taking the medicine exactly as I prescribe.

As for the medicine that needs to be taken orally, I will have pills made from Chinese medical ingredients for you to take.

It will take a lot of medical ingredients, so Ill feel more at ease making them myself.”

The Old Madame nodded.

Yun Xis caution and carefulness made her feel at ease.

“Young Marshal, the Old Madames legs shouldnt move too much, so try to avoid allowing her to overexert her knee joints and see if you can find someone to get a wheelchair for her.

If the Old Madame feels that shes in good spirits, she can also go out and walk around a bit.

She will have to endure this for the next few days.”

Mu Feichi nodded and immediately ordered the butler to take care of it.

“Girl, Ive heard that rheumatism isnt easy to treat.

I have an old friend who has this disease.

He cant straighten up every day and cant hold the chopsticks in his hands.

Will I become like that in the future”

As the atmosphere eased a little, the Old Madame suddenly mentioned this worry.

Yun Xi chuckled.

“Dont worry, Old Madame, you are just in the initial stages.

If this treatment is done correctly, you wont be like that in the future.

It will be all right.”

“Thats good!”

Yun Xi asked Mu Feichi for a paper and pen and wrote down the medical ingredients list for a foot bath.

“Can the Old Madame drink” Halfway through writing, Yun Xi suddenly raised her head and asked.

“Drink Wine Everyone in our family can drink alcohol, and I can drink too, but since Ive gotten older, I hardly drink alcohol unless its to celebrate the Chinese New Year.”

Si Wenxuan couldnt help laughing when Yun Xi asked such a silly question out of the blue.

She didnt even understand that people couldnt drink after they got old, yet she wanted to cure people It was as if she wasnt afraid of being laughed at.

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