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Chapter 732: Rheumatism

All the people present were taken aback.

Si Wenxuan looked the most confused.

The Old Madames facial expression made her so scared that she fell back on the carpet.

When Yun Xi saw the Old Madames expression suddenly change, she hurriedly got up and walked over.

She pulled Si Wenxuan out of the way.

Crouching down, Yun Xi held the Old Madames shoulders and consoled her gently, “Old Madame, dont move.

Did you feel a tingling sensation when she massaged your knee”

“Yes…” As Yun Xi pressed her back into her chair, the Old Madame felt a little better.

“I had no problem this morning.

Why did it hurt so much as soon as she touched me Has my illness gotten worse”

Yun Xi lowered her head and examined the Old Madame carefully.

Instead of massaging and kneading like Si Wenxuan had done, she carefully lifted her legs.

Suddenly, the Old Madame frowned in pain.

Yun Xi cautiously put her leg down on the carpet and half-knelt on the carpet to examine her more closely.

Mu Feichi also came over.

He looked at the old lady with some worry, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Whats the matter Why is she in so much pain”

As he said this, he turned and glared at Si Wenxuan, who felt completely at a loss.

He said coldly, “Si Wenxuan, why did you have to get involved”

Hed wanted to give Yun Xi an opportunity to show off, yet Si Wenxuan had jumped at the chance instead.

Shed acted without thinking and had now caused big trouble.

Si Wenxuan looked really troubled.

She hadnt expected the consequences to be so serious.

Yun Xi glanced at Si Wenxuan and said knowledgeably, “Ive preliminarily determined her illness to be rheumatism in its early stages.

Its probably not arthritis.”

Yun Xi raised her head and asked the Old Madame in a soft voice, “Do you feel a little soreness and weakness in your knees when you get up in the morning, but then you feel that its nothing serious after doing some exercise”

“Yes, its like this every morning when I get up.

I just thought I was getting older.

Also, after putting on the ointment Ive gotten from the doctor, I really felt more comfortable.”

Yun Xi raised her hand, and Mu Feichi pulled her up.

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at him, then she looked at the worried Mu family members who had surrounded her.

“The Old Madame probably doesnt have arthritis, but rheumatism instead.

In rheumatism, abnormalities will occur in the joints of the patient.

Many people mistakenly think its arthritis.

If there is inexplicable lower back and leg pain on normal days and joint pain on rainy days, those are the typical manifestations of rheumatism.

In severe cases, the affected joint can become stiff and deformed, the knees, elbows, fingers, and wrists can be paralyzed, and, finally, the patient can completely lose the ability to move.”

Yun Xi glanced at the Old Madame and continued, “The Old Madame feels knee weakness in the morning.

This is a phenomenon of rheumatism called morning stiffness.

A long time after waking up in the morning, the joints become sticky and stiff.

After exercise, the symptoms of rheumatism can be relieved or disappear.”

“Isnt it arthritis The doctor at the General Hospital of the Military diagnosed…”

Yun Xi only made judgments based on her knowledge and wasnt going to challenge the doctors diagnosis.

“Old Madame, can I see the doctors diagnosis”

The Old Madame nodded immediately and instructed the Second Young Master of the family, “Go to the drawer and get the medical records.”

The medical records were quickly brought over.

There was an X-ray of the knee and leg.

Her face serious, Yun Xi carefully looked at the knee and leg bones in it.

Rheumatism was relatively common in the elderly, and it was also the most difficult disease to treat.

It required time and patience.

For this type of illness, in her last life, their laboratory had studied proprietary Chinese medicines, and the effects had been okay, but they just needed to be taken all the time.

Seeing that she looked anxious, Mu Feichi patted her on the shoulder.

“How is it Is it serious”

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