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Chapter 730: Shot Herself in the Foot

With that said, Mu Feichi directly pulled Yun Xi to his side.

He couldnt have cared less about Si Wenxuan rushing all the way over to pay her New Years greetings to him.

Si Wenxuan was used to having been indulged and spoiled, and she had never been treated in such a way.

This time it was especially unbearable because the person treating her like this was her sweetheart.

She had been looking forward to seeing him all the way over, but now, upon facing Mu Feichis indifference and coldness, her heart ached.

“Brother Chi! How can you chase away a guest who has come to see you like this You know I traveled all the way here…”

“Thats your business.

It has nothing to do with me.” Mu Feichi took Yun Xis hand, turned around, and started to walked inside.

Yun Xi glanced at Si Wenxuan, who was extremely upset, but had no one to listen to her vent.

She was impressed by Mu Feichis skills.

Unexpectedly, it seemed as if when he disliked someone, the words that came out of his mouth could be really infuriating.

Since Mu Feichi was talking, there was nothing for Yun Xi to do.

She simply stood aside obediently and silently and watched Mu Feichi verbally abuse Si Wenxuan.

The butler also stood on the sidelines.

It was rare to see his Young Master be so harsh on the daughter of the President.

The way he was treating her was really unique.

The butler opened his mouth at the right time to give Si Wenxuan a way out.

“Young Master, the Commander has invited Miss Si for lunch at his home, so Miss Si, please come in the house.”

Mu Feichi glared at the butler and walked into the house with Yun Xi.

Si Wenxuan was left hanging by herself on the steps.

She stomped her feet in annoyance, and then hurried to catch up.

“Brother Chi, wait for me…”

No matter how hed shown he disliked her, she would still have to perform well in front of the elders of the Mu family.

She couldnt believe that a family like the Mu family would be fond of a lowly girl like Yun Xi.

She was the daughter of the President, and her status was unrivaled.

No matter which aspect she could be judged on, she was the best candidate to be the Madame of the Mu family.

That lowly girl Yun Xi couldnt compare to her in the slightest.

Entering the room, Si Wenxuan immediately put on a smile.

In front of the elders, in order not to leave a bad impression, she always had to uphold the airs and etiquette of a Presidents daughter.

The elders always liked children who were well-behaved and knew how to please.

This was a truth she had understood ever since she was a child.

Even if she was the Presidents daughter and therefore didnt need to please anyone, it never hurt to be well-behaved in front of her elders.

However, she didnt expect that with Yun Xi there her flattery and obedience appeared somewhat deliberate and pretentious in contrast.

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi sat down beside the elders, and they watched Si Wenxuan perform, as if she was a clown.

Si Wenxuan really knew how to please the elders; she was very good at sweet-talking.

She knew exactly what to say and what not to say.

Yun Xi stared at her without changing her expression.

Si Wenxuan didnt seem to be stupid.

Yet Si Wenxuan started to make mistakes as soon as Yun Xi started staring at her.

Probably because she thought of Yun Xi as of humble status, Si Wenxuan decided to try and show off since Yun Xi was in the audience.

She wanted that lowly girl Yun Xi to know that in the Mu family she was more popular than Yun Xi could ever be, and was absolutely doted on by the elders.

A lowly b*tch like Yun Xi was a nobody.

And that was exactly how she shot herself in the foot.

All the elders present were shrewd people who had seen all sorts of people in their lives.

Si Wenxuans little tricks couldnt escape the eyes of the Old Master and the Old Madame.

Compared to Yun Xis calm, dignified, and not overly obsequious politeness, Si Wenxuans deliberate flattery wasnt very attractive.

With cold eyes, Mu Feichi watched Si Wenxuan dig her own grave, then curled his lips mockingly, lowered his eyes, and played with Yun Xis slender white fingers.

His mood suddenly improved.

If you dont dig your own grave, you wont die.

Si Wenxuan probably still hadnt understood this.

That was fine.

They would just let her continue.

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