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Chapter 73: Uglier Than You Even Though Shes a Fake

She held her breath, and her heart began to beat wildly.

If she could marry such a man in the future, she would never need to worry about gaining a firm foothold in high society.

No, if she married him, they would all have to look up to her with awe.

Chen Yichen narrowed his eyes and playfully looked up and down at this girl who claimed to be Yun Xis sister.

“Yun Xi, is this really your sister Why doesnt she look like you”

Yun Ziling was confident that, in her designer dress, she appeared much more charming and tasteful than Yun Xi.

She had specially chosen a knit mermaid-hemmed miniskirt to emphasize her feminine body contours and make her appear more curvy.

Compared to Yun Xi, whose attire concealed her body lines, she was the one who was properly dressed as a socialite.

When Chen Yichen had said this, she assumed that he was saying that she was prettier than Yun Xi, so she bowed her head shyly and blushed girlishly.

After having seen how sharp-tongued Chen Yichen could be, naturally Yun Xi wouldnt think that he was actually flattering Yun Ziling.

“She really is my sister.”

Chen Yichen glanced at Yun Ziling a couple more times again quizzically and continued, “Her figure isnt as good as yours, shes not as pretty, and her eyes arent as big.

Are you sure”

Yun Xi nodded as she tried not to laugh.

Yun Ziling raised her head with a stunned expression on her face and stared at the man who was nonchalantly looking her up and down.

Her hand gripped her bag so vigorously that she cut it.

As he stared at Yun Ziling, Chen Yichen appeared to have noticed something, and he inched closer with a frown on his face.

Being watched at such a close distance by such a seductively masculine man was overwhelming for Yun Ziling.

Her heart was pounding wildly.

This was the first time that a man had ever gotten so close to her.

She couldnt hide the gleeful joy she was feeling inside.

Although she knew she wasnt the prettiest one, how could a man resist the coquettish and pitiful look of a damsel in distress

Yin Ziling held her breath and lowered her eyes in a coquettish manner.

Her kittenish countenance seemed empty of all of the indignation that she had felt moments before.

Then, suddenly, Chen Yichen made a move on her lower eyelid and swiftly ripped off the eyelid tape on her lids.

Yun Ziling cried out in pain, and, only when she looked up, did she realize what had happened.

With two uneven-sized eyes, she stared at the man holding the eyelid tape in his hands, and her face got as dark as thunder once again.

Chen Yichen glanced at the unsightly appearance of Yun Ziling, with her uneven eyes.

He shuddered and felt goosebumps rise as he thought about how bizarre she looked.

“So it turns out that your eyelids are fake, and what are those creepy fly-legs on your eyes”

Chen Yichen turned to look at Yun Xi and thought to himself, yep, this little rascals natural eyelids and big eyes are much more attractive.

Her face was free of makeup, dewy and fresh, unlike those girls with chemicals all over their faces.

After being teased by him, Yun Ziling immediately covered her left eye and glared at the eldest son with an exasperated expression.

“Little Yun Xi, its bad enough that she isnt as pretty as you, but shes uglier than you even though shes a fake.”

Yun Xi suppressed her laughter and merely blinked without speaking.

At such a time, no matter what she said, Yun Ziling would resent her for it.

“Chen Chen!” Jiang Wanyun couldnt bear seeing her son teasing the girl.

She frowned and shook her head.

“You cant be so rude.”

Yun Ziling felt aggrieved, but she didnt want to offend the eldest son at this time, so she treated his teasing as a quirk of his personality.

“Madam, its okay.

The eldest son is simply curious…”

“…” Yun Xi couldnt help rolling her eyes.

In order to please Chen Yichen, Yun Ziling was willing to forgo her pride.

If she had been in Yun Zilings shoes, she would have slapped him good and proper.

“Eldest son, here is the Wilson racket that you like.

This is my first time visiting, and I dont know what you like, so I hope you dont dislike…”

“My son doesnt like this brand anymore, please take it back! My family isnt in need of such a thing either.”

“But…” Yun Zilings face fell.

“But my sister said that you like this brand…”

Chen Yichen didnt even look at her and disdainfully turned around to face Yun Xi.

“Little Yun Xi, I havent taken my medication yet.

Please come up and help me take my medication.”

Without waiting for Yun Xis permission, Chen Yichen reached out to grab the back of Yun Xis neck and pushed her inside.

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