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Chapter 729: Do I Need Your Permission Before I Do Anything?

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows lightly.

She really didnt like the presidents daughter, who wasnt as tall as her even after wearing boots with heels that were half an inch high.

And now shes shouting at Yun Xi in such a condescending and arrogant manner, as if everyone else was beneath her.

Probably no man would find her attitude pleasing to the eye.

Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi and realized that he wasnt going to intervene.

It looked like she had to deal with Si Wenxuans provocation herself.

She had no other choice.

Since Si Wenxuan was here to pick a fight, and Mu Feichi would only act as a backer instead of coming forward, in the end, she still had to face her herself.

Yun Xi faced Si Wenxuan and looked her up and down.

Her taste in clothing wasnt bad, and she had the stance of a presidents daughter, but she didnt have the temperament or cultivation that a presidents daughter should have.

Some peoples every movement and gesture carried an innate noble aura.

You could discern their unique qualities without them having to deliberately show off.

For example, Mu Feichi, even though he was arrogant, had an air of nobility that made him bearable.

One would even feel that he was worthy of his status.

But some people were different, such as Si Wenxuan, who was in front of her.

Her status as the daughter of the president meant that it didnt matter if she was arrogant or self-willed.

But her temperament really wasnt something that everyone had.

“This is the Mu family, and not your presidential palace.

Why cant I be here”

Yun Xi also replied unceremoniously.

Her calm and composed appearance was obviously much more elegant than Si Wenxuans aggressive appearance.

“What qualifications do you have to come here This is the Mu familys house.

Youre a nobody, so why are you here”

“It doesnt matter what qualifications I have.

The owner of the house doesnt care, so how is it any of your business, Miss Si”

“You–” Si Wenxuan remembered that Mu Feichi was on the side, so she stopped herself and stomped her feet in annoyance.

“Brother Chi, why did you let her come to the Mu familys house!”

“I brought her to pay Commander Mu a New Years greeting, and bring her to meet my parents at the same time.

What, do I need your permission before I do anything”

“I…” Si Wenxuans expression changed.

She didnt expect such a direct answer from Mu Feichi.

She understood what he meant but she couldnt help but ask, “You took her to see your parents What do you mean by that!”

She was afraid that she had misunderstood.

She felt unwilling and uncertain, so she asked very carefully.

“It means exactly what you think it means.”

Si Wenxuan gritted her teeth and turned her head to glare at Yun Xi with an unwilling expression on her face.

“I dont understand.

Is she qualified to see your parents! With her lowly status, wont Old Master Mu and Commander Mu look down on her”

Regarding marriages, blue-blood families always cared about status.

The Yun familys status was too low.

She was simply being delusional if she wished to marry into the Mu family!

If it was an official meeting with the parents, it meant that he had chosen her as the future Madam of the Mu family.

What qualifications did this wretched girl have! !

Furthermore, in recent years, her biggest dream was to marry into the Mu family, become the wife of Mu Feichi, and the Madam of the Mu family!

No one should try to snatch the man, status, and position that she, Si Wenxuan, coveted!

When Si Wenxuans mouth uttered the word “lowly”, she directly provoked Mu Feichis anger.

His good mood was immediately wiped out.

His gloomy dark eyes appeared frosty, and his words didnt have the slightest bit of courtesy.

“Whether or not the Mu family looks down on her, what does it have to do with you How is it any of your business”

Mu Feichi really didnt want to bother to talk nonsense with her, and he went directly to the point.

“What are you doing here at the Mu familys house”

“I, I just came to pay Old Master Mu and Old Madam Mu New Years greetings…”

“Since you came to pay New Years greeting, do it quickly and go back! There are many people in the house, so we dont have time to entertain you!”

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