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Chapter 709: You Dont Seem That Thick-skinned

When she returned to the banquet room, Yun Xi poured herself a cup of warm peanut-and-walnut milk from the buffet table.

Then when she turned around, she saw Jiang Henglin standing behind her.

And…standing not far from Jiang Henglin, there was Yun Ziling, who wanted to approach but didnt dare.

From her posture, it was evident that she knew she was the superfluous one.

Jiang Henglin silently looked at the pretty, vivacious little girl in front of him.

Compared to Yun Ziling, it was true that this Oldest Young Madame from the Yun family was more elegant, sophisticated, and dignified than she was.

When her lively eyes looked at people, she appeared especially enrapturing.

Her clear eyes seemed to be able to suck people in.

In those eyes, she didnt have the sultriness of other women, nor was she deliberately obsequious.

She appeared aloof and lofty, and this made men have the desire to win her over.

A woman like this was a poison, and one would become addicted to her if one looked at her too much.

He withdrew his gaze abruptly.

Forcing himself to snap back to reality from his loss of composure just now, he coughed lightly and put on a sulky expression.

“Yun Xi, could you please follow me.

Grandpa asked me to bring you to meet the elders in the family.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, but she wasnt surprised by what Jiang Henglin had said, because, in her last life, when she first attended the Weiya Banquet as Jiang Henglins fiancee, he also took her to meet the elders of the Jiang family for appearances sake.

Although she was only the fiancee that Old Master Jiang had decided on verbally, and there had been no proper engagement ceremony, under the insistence of Old Master Jiang, the Jiang family had had to recognize her.

Now, in this life, when Jiang Henglin said this, she couldnt help but look at Yun Ziling, who appeared angry yet was suppressing her anger, and smile playfully.

“Second Young Master Jiang, are you sure you want to take me there, instead of your female companion today If you take me over now, you will be slapping yourself in the face in front of everyone.

You dont seem that thick-skinned.

How can you bear it”

“You…” Jiang Henglins expression changed.

He hadnt expected Yun Xi to shame him in the same way that he had shamed her.

The little bit of fondness he had had for her moments before was instantly reduced to zero.

With her sharp tongue and hostile demeanor, she was really unlikable.

“Obviously, Im not thick-skinned enough, so let it go.

You may fail to shame me, and end up humiliating yourself instead.

In that case, I would feel shame on your behalf.”

She hadnt suffered any losses at this banquet today anyway.

Jiang Henglin thought maybe he could slap her in the face, but in reality…

Hed lost face for the Jiang family.

Yun Ziling had been ridiculed.

And they had all been overshadowed by her, who was supposed to be the fiancee.

Rather than her being despised by the Jiang family, everyone seemed to like gossiping about Yun Ziling even more.

Since everyone was so keen on watching their farce, if she followed him to meet the elders again, wouldnt that be asking for more insults

Since she had already won, she could spare herself the effort.

“If you wont go, then what should I explain to the elders in the family”

“Isnt Yun Ziling here You can take her to meet your family.

Jiang Henglin, you are the one who caused all this trouble first.

Yet you want me to help clean up the mess for you now.

Dream on!”

“You…you shut up!”

Unable to bear the humiliation, Jiang Henglin glared at Yun Xi in fury, as if he wanted to choke her to death.

Seeing him reaping what he had sowed, Yun Xi was in a good mood.

She smiled happily.

Jiang Henglin snorted coldly, turned around abruptly, and pulled Yun Zilings hand as he went back into the noisy group of guests.

Yun Xi smiled to herself as she nonchalantly drank the warm walnut milk she was holding.

Shed had no dissing abilities in her previous life, but she wasnt bad at it at all in this life!

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