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Chapter 704: He Wasnt Allowed to Touch Her

This sad remark made Yun Xi feel soft-hearted.

Out of benevolence as a doctor, she looked at Jiang Qilin, who was still in the early years of his life, yet was destined to spend his life in a wheelchair.

His whole life must be full of bitterness and darkness, coldness and despair.

In her last life, she had gone to the Jiang familys house for dinner a lot, so she had seen Jiang Qilin often.

Jiang Qilins leg injury was a private matter that the whole Jiang family seemed unwilling to talk about, so she had never asked too many questions.

It was just that when she saw how the Jiang family neglected him, shed always felt a little pity for him.

He was after all the eldest grandson of the Jiang family.

He was extremely talented and extraordinarily capable, but, simply because of his legs, he was ignored by the whole family.

On the contrary, Jiang Henglin, who was an incapable idiot, had won the hearts of all the elders in the family.

Those who are favored have no fear, and those who live without favor always live lives full of commotion.

She had always hoped that Jiang Qilin would regain the use of his legs and take over Jiang Henglins undeserved limelight.

In that way, he wouldnt always be so arrogant and spend his time always thinking about humiliating her and putting her down.

In her last life, she and Jiang Henglin hadnt always been fighting and had actually been allies, so it was possible for them to coexist peacefully.

She was completely perplexed as to why, after she was reborn, he hated her so much.

The fact that he was constantly trying to pick a fight with her was extremely annoying and one of the most trying parts of her new life.

However, that was also good because if people in Jingdu knew that they hated each other, and Old Master Jiang also knew that they didnt like each other, it would be easier to cancel their marriage contract when the time came.

Squinting, she stared straight at the knee under the thin blanket.

She didnt know exactly what Jiang Qilins injury was.

Even in her previous life, she hadnt known much about Jiang Qilins injury.

It was a pity that such an outstanding man would have to sit in a wheelchair all his life.

Perhaps it was because of her empathy that was born out of her disfigurement in her previous life, but she suddenly squatted down and touched Jiang Qilins knee.

When her fist hit his knee, his reflex was different from that of ordinary people.

Jing Yi, who was standing behind Jiang Qilin, was watching what Yun Xi was doing and suddenly walked over.

Just as he was about to reach out to pull her hand away, an angry man had already pulled Yun Xi up from the ground.

The look of hope in Jiang Qilins eyes dimmed, and he raised his eyes to look at Mu Feichi, who had suddenly appeared before him.

Then he looked at the little girl Mu Feichi was shielding behind him.

He suddenly came to understand why the Young Marshal had made such a strong stand for this girl in the banquet room just now.

“Marshal…” Jing Yi saw Mu Feichi and respectfully retreated behind Jiang Qilin.

“Jing Yi, even if youre a loyal protector, you have to distinguish between people.

You are never to lay hands on her.”

Jing Yi raised his eyes and glanced at Mu Feichi.

He had actually understood the meaning behind Mu Feichis words.

Mu Feichi was telling him that he wasnt allowed to touch her.

Lowering his head, he responded immediately, “Yes, sir!”

He went toward Jiang Qilin to protect and take care of him.

On one side of him was the Young Marshal and on the other his current master.

“Sorry, Young Master Jiang, I was being too presumptuous.”

Yun Xi came out from behind Mu Feichi and stood watching.

She didnt think her actions just now had been awkward.

“Miss Yun seems to be interested in my crippled legs”

Jiang Qilin raised his eyes to her fresh, smooth face.

When her ethereal and clear eyes fearlessly met his eyes, he genuinely had the feeling of his soul being cleansed.

Such a pure, innocent little girl was really rare when compared with those arrogant socialites in the banquet room.

It was no wonder that the Young Marshal was so smitten with her.

Yun Xi also smiled carefreely.

Her expressions didnt have any prejudices or ridicule at all.

“Forgive my sudden brusqueness, but, as a doctor, it is inevitable that I will have a certain fixation with a field I havent ventured into.”

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