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Chapter 68: Follow Along to the Chen Family Home

At Yun Xis insistence, Mu Feichi had no choice but to send her to the sentry post and let her go back alone.

There were so many people in the villa complex, and, consequently, gossip was likely to arise.

Since hed agreed to her demands, he was going to try not to interfere with her.

Whats more, he didnt want her to be manipulated by her selfish and self-serving relatives.

This weekend, Yun Yuanfeng just happened to be at home.

He couldnt help but ask a couple of questions upon seeing her come back so late after her morning jog.

Yun Xi easily made her excuses and perfunctorily mentioned that she would visit the Chen family later.

Only then did Yun Yuanfeng stop asking her so many questions.

In the end, however, he couldnt help but once again remind her of his warning.

“Dont go up the mountain in the morning.

Thats Young Marshal Mus territory.

The mountains are full of highly trained people who are under his control.

You could get into trouble by accident and lose your life.”

“Dad, dont worry.

Ive heard that warning many times before.

Im not going to get too close to him.

If thats all, Im going upstairs to take a shower.”

Upon seeing that she was all muddy from her fall, Yun Yuanfeng waved his hand to let her go upstairs.

After showering, Yun Xi changed into a light sky-blue silk robe dress.

The delicate silk was embroidered with delicate begonia flowers, and she accentuated it with a white vest.

The chiffon yarn of the white vest gave her entire outfit an elegant, sophisticated look.

Although it was the same kind of outfit that her grandma had worn when she got married, the style never got outdated.

When she wore these vintage styles, not only didnt they appear outdated, but, because of the way she arranged them, they actually made her appear more like an upper-crust, elegant woman than Liang Xinyi, who dressed in head-to-toe designer clothes.

Upon seeing her come downstairs, Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling were astonished.

After all, they were all about the same age, the age when they all liked to dress up.

Liang Xinyi didnt have much taste, but she liked dressing up.

Those old dresses didnt appear ugly at all on Yun Xi.

They even had some indescribable charm.

Yun Zilings proportions werent as good as Yun Xis, nor did she have Yun Xis long legs and thin waist.

The skirts she bought were usually short skirts.

She would never be able to pull off this sort of maxi dress.

Even if she was attending a banquet, if she were to wear a long dress she dared not unless she was wearing heels about ten inches high.

Her shortcomings had often been ridiculed by the socialites of high society.

At the moment, upon seeing Yun Xi wear a maxi dress as casual attire, she was green-eyed with envy.

Liang Xiuqin looked Yun Xi up and down.

She was shocked that this wretched girl could look so good in her old grannys clothes.

She couldnt conceal her sourness as she said, “What are you showing off forArent you afraid that dead peoples clothes could be jinxed”

With a snort, she pulled the envious Yun Ziling behind her and said loudly on purpose to hurt Yun Xi, “Zi Ling, dont get too close to her, lest you get infected with something dirty.”

Yun Xi glanced at them nonchalantly and called the driver to come and pick her up to take her to the Chen familys house.

Yun Ziling stood behind Liang Xiuqin with reluctance and pulled at her sleeve.

“Mom, shes going to the Chen familys house.

Let me go too! Perhaps I can meet their eldest son.”

After Grandfather Jiang had made his decision, Yun Ziling no longer had any prospects in the Jiang family.

Now she could only place her sights on an eldest son.

If they were really going to make comparisons, the eldest son of the Chen family was much better than the second son of the Jiang family, who was engaged to that wretched girl.

At the very least, the future inheritance of the Chen family was in his hands.

Liang Xiuqin remembered the eldest son, who had spoken very rudely the other day, and said hesitantly, “That eldest son isnt easy to get along with.”

“What are you afraid of! No matter how bad he is, Yun Xi was still his lifesaver.

So at least he wont chase me out, since shes my sister, right”

Liang Xiuqin pondered the situation and thought it sounded fair enough.

Since the Chen family valued that wretched girl as his lifesaver so much, they would certainly be polite and courteous to her sister.

“All right then, you can follow along too!”

With that, she called Yun Xi back, who had been about to go out.

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