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Chapter 663: Overrunning Countries and Cities for Her

This wasnt the first time that Zhou Chengzhe had conspired with Liang Xinyi against her, but this time he had been so angry that hed wanted to kill Yun Xi.

For this reason, she no longer felt the need to be merciful when she set him up.

Mu Feichi gazed at her deeply.

There was a coldness in her expression, and he couldnt miss the murderous look that flashed in her eyes.

Very good, this little woman who hed fallen in love with wasnt a pushover.

She knew that she had to fight back and that she couldnt show any mercy.

“What do you plan to do about all this”

Yun Xi stretched out her hand and touched her neck.

The anesthetic had worn off, and the tingling pain had become unbearable.

“I heard that you cut two big deals for Han Zhongteng recently.

Id like to give him a few more blows.

He was willing to help Liang Xinyi mainly because shes very young.

With his temperament, hes attracted to meat thats offering itself to him that hasnt been tasted by anyone else yet.”

Mu Feichi looked puzzled and he frowned.

“His temperament You understand what kind of temperament Han Zhongteng has”

Yun Xi chuckled softly.

“So, Young Marshal, what do you think an adult man will be willing to do and pay for all kinds of things for an underage girl, such as hire mercenaries, for what purpose”

Looking at her, Mu Feichi smiled without answering.

His smile was so charming that it interrupted Yun Xis thoughts.

“Then, in your opinion, I have done so much for you, but for what purpose”

“…” Biting her lips for a second without knowing how to answer, Yun Xi froze.

Han Zhongteng only cared about women in terms of their beauty and their abilities to satisfy his s*xual impulses.

In other words, he was a beast who only thought about things in relation to his lower body urges.

But Mu Feichi was different.

For many years, he hadnt approached anyone of the female sex.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to seek out women for momentary indulgences.

And he had never concealed his feelings for her.

He was so forthright about how much he loved her that shed practically wanted to run away.

A high-profile person like Mu Feichi knew exactly what he wanted before he did anything.

She really wasnt able to resist him.

She could struggle, but it was really futile and was only going to delay the inevitable.

“I dont know what you, Young Marshal, want from me.

Im just curious.

What can you possibly get from me”

She stared into his eyes, and the light in the room shone on her delicately featured face.

The dazzling radiance in her eyes mesmerized him.

Mu Feichis heart lunged, and unspeakable joy burst into his heart.

He had only said a few words, but, instead of unsettling her, she had discreetly flirted back at him.

Her every eye gesture and smile made him feel that it was worthwhile to do anything and everything for her, even if that meant overrunning countries and cities for her.

“Yes! Babe, dont lack confidence in yourself.” He reached out his hand to her and squeezed her chin.

“I covet your face, and…”

His hand slowly moved down her body.

He poked his finger over her chest.

“Your heart, and…”

He retracted his hand, rubbed her head, and smiled affectionately.

“And you!”

Yun Xi bit her lip.

Hearing these words, the injury on her shoulder started to hurt even more.

She didnt have the strength to push his hand away.

These sultry romantic words made her feel as if her whole heart was soaking in honey, so sweet that she didnt even have the strength to resist.

This man didnt speak a lot, but, when he spoke, he was so good at beguiling people by sweet talking that other people simply couldnt resist.

“Young Marshal, you really want a lot of things.

Are you unwilling to stop until you squeeze everything valuable out of me”

“There are only so many things about you that I want.

Im uninterested in other other aspects.”

“…” Yun Xi changed the subject.

She didnt intend to continue on this topic.

“Young Marshal, may I please borrow someone from you”


“Some professional paparazzi and Grey Wolf.”


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