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Chapter 66: Ill Do It for You by Fair Means or Foul

In her previous life, Yun Xi had never been to this gorgeous mansion.

She had only heard all the various legends about Mu Feichi on TV and in the news.

His special status as the controller of the Mu family, one of the three most distinguished families, not only gave him a high standing in Jingdu, but also made sure that people revered him no matter what ruthless deeds he had done.

In her previous life, she had experienced his power.

Now, in this life, she was going to experience his wealth.

This was a man who lived a legendary life, and she never imagined that she would be able to have anything to do with him: It just happened.

“Lets go, after finishing breakfast, Ill send you back.”

“May I go down the mountain now”

Her goal today had been achieved anyway.

No matter whether she won or lost on the mountain, Young Marshal Mu had the final say.

She really didnt care much about that particular goal anyway.

The reason shed agreed to come up the mountain with him was that she didnt want him to go to the Yun familys home.

Because, if that happened, she really would merely become a pawn of the Yun family.

Mu Feichis bold brows frowned slightly and he scoffed, “If you want to go down the mountain now, youll have to go down on your own.

Im hungry and I want to eat.

I dont have the time to take you now.”

“…” Yun Xi silently glanced at his figure walking toward the mansion, grit her teeth, and took a deep breath before following him.

Since the high and mighty Young Marshal Mu was willing to play dirty to this extent, if she really did try to leave, he would probably break her leg!

The butler was already waiting at the entrance of the mansion, and, although he had already seen her on the monitor, upon seeing Young Marshal Mu leading this little girl in person, he was still surprised by the youthfulness of her face.

One cant underestimate the fighting capacity of someone who can bypass five sentry posts in a 1-against-40 situation.

If it hadnt been for the fact that hed heard that she came from the countryside, he certainly wouldnt have believed that a country bumpkin girl could have such stamina.

No wonder Marshal Mu, whod never been interested in women before, was so interested in her.

As she passed through the huge courtyard, Yun Xi looked all around.

The yard was planted with multitudes of flowers.

On the left-hand side was a magnificent rockery, and on the right-hand side was a massive flower garden that was extremely vibrant.

On the approach to the mansion, there was a courtyard, in the middle of which there was a small bridge with flowing water in a winding brook with several kinds of colorful little fish swimming in it.

The rounded pebbles and the retro blue tiles complemented each other, and coupled with all the modern transparent glass embellishments, the simple yet complex style revealed the extraordinary taste of the owner in every corner of the establishment.

Sure enough, this man would be able to make all the people in country C revere him, even at such a young age.

In addition to hegemonic power, he also possessed immeasurable wealth.

Bypassing the covered passage which went around the courtyard, Mu Feichi led Yun Xi directly to the restaurant that was on the left-hand side of the building.

The large restaurant was decorated in a simple style, and its two-story modern windows afforded a panoramic view of the entire base of the mountain.

The black, gray, beige, and white decorations of the restaurant appeared soft under its bright yellow light.

With simple lantern chandeliers, long tables, and high-backed Taishi chairs, the retro theme continued in the restaurant..

The Yun familys dining room paled in comparison with this enormous dining room.

She definitely hadnt expected a formidable man who spent most of his life on the battlefield to have such good taste.

The servants had already set up their breakfast, and the long table was arranged with exquisite plates.

Their breakfast was southern flavored and consisted of shrimp dumplings, pan-fried buns, and porridge.

It looked absolutely scrumptious.

Mu Feichi pulled out a chair for her and made a gentlemanly gesture.

This seemed strange as just a moment ago he had been exasperated by her waywardness and had threatened her.

However, it was evident from the way he was treating his guest that he had had a blue blood upbringing and knew all the genteel mannerisms.

He sat down at the head table and waved his hands, promptly dismissing all the servants.

Yun Xi was actually quite hungry, so she didnt bother with her manners and started to eat her breakfast right away and drink the milk that was on the table in front of her.

“You won this time, so whatever your wish is, just say it! As long as you desire it, I can do it for you.

If theres anything I cant do…”

Yun Xi raised her head and gazed at him with her bright eyes.

Then she asked, “What if you cant do it”

“If I find something I cant do, Ill do it for you by fair means or foul!”

Since he sounded so confident, Yun Xi thought it over for a while, then she put down her chopsticks and gazed at him with a serious expression.

“All right then, I have one wish, and you definitely can do it!”

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