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Chapter 657: Chapter 663: Either You Die Or I Die!

After taking care of the wound, Zhao Yumo slumped onto the ground as if she had just experienced a struggle that exhausted all her energy.

She worriedly looked at Yun Xis shoulder.

“Yun Xi, your wound is so terrible.


“Its okay.

Dont worry about me,” Yun Xi said, consoling her friend.

The tingling pain from her her shoulder turned her lips white, and she looked like she had lost half of her strength.

“The wound and blood look so terrible.

Why did you even think of becoming a doctor You even have to face life and death at all times.”

“Actually, I want to be a forensic doctor.”

Yun Xi chuckled lightly, then took a deep breath of the cold air.

The anaesthetic gradually took effect, and the pain on her shoulders began to disappear.

“If you become a forensic doctor, no man will be willing to approach you in the future,” Zhao Yumo suggested innocently.

“A doctor can heal wounds and save lives, but being a forensic doctor… thats doing autopsies on dead bodies every day!”

“Perhaps seeking justice for the dead is also a very meaningful thing, isnt it The living will lie, but the dead wont.”

“Stop it! Lets not to talk about this topic any more.”

They had just gone through a life-and-death struggle and she had almost lost her life.

The last thing Zhao Yumo wanted to hear at the moment was the word death!

“Lets go… Lets go to Great White! I guess he went to hunt down the sniper! Im worried about him!”

“But your injury…”

“Its okay.

It doesnt hurt anymore.

I will deal with it later!”

Yun Xi stood up but was sure to keep her vigilance at all times.

She looked around to make sure that there was no one out there.

Then, she quickly led Zhao Yumo to the snipers vantage point.

Halfway there, Great White came back.

Great White, who was walking in the snow, saw her and rushed over.

Great White threw himself into her arms.

Yun Xi looked down at him and immediately saw the blood on its mouth.

She carefully examined Great White but found that it wasnt injured.

Great White raised its head and tugged at the corner of her clothes, indicating that it wanted her to continue to the snipers commanding heights.

Understanding that it wanted her to go over there, Yun Xi followed it up the mountain.

From a distance, she saw a person lying on the snow.

She also saw that the surrounding snow was sprinkled with bright red blood.

Having never seen such a scene, Zhao Yumo screamed and backed away.

Yun Xi turned to look at Zhao Yumo, then paused.

Her cold delicate-featured face appeared a bit cold and indifferent, as if the bloody scene was no surprise.

“Yumo, when you take control of the Zhao family in the future, you will have to face things like this sooner or later.”

“Yun… Yun Xi, is he dead” No matter how bold she wanted to be, this was the first time she encountered this kind of scene.

It was no wonder that she wasnt strong nor calm enough.

“When Great White makes a move, its either you die or I die! Dont be afraid!”

Yun Xi stepped forward to probe the carotid artery where the man was bitten by the sharp white teeth.

There was still blood pouring out of the open wound.

The man was not breathing.

She looked at the man, who was a foreigner, closely.

The reached out and pulled out the dog tags he wore around his neck.

His name was was engraved on the nameplate.

“It seems that they really are foreign mercenaries.”

Zhao Yumo finally calmed down and stepped forward to join Yun Xi.

She looked at the dead mercenary and frowned slightly.

“How do you know they are mercenaries How can you tell by just looking at them”

“On the night of Christmas Eve, the Young Marshal and I were on our way back when we happened to run into them.

They were trying to assassinate General Shen! That group of people were also wearing the same identity plate around their necks.

Its the symbol of mercenaries.”

Yun Xi stood up and gently patted Great White, who was rubbing against the palm of her hand like a baby.

She chuckled lightly, and the chilliness in her eyes gradually faded.

“Great White, you are really violent! But thank you anyway!”

Today, she had seen Great Whites combat effectiveness.

Mu Feichi had trained it like a warrior.

In order to protect the people who are important to it, it went all out.

When it acted like this, Great White felt like her kin, and made her feel warm inside, more than her own true kin ever could.

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