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Chapter 636: Harsh Reality Slapped Him Heavily!

In the multimedia classroom, people stared intently at several people wearing protective clothing in the video.

Everyone had a blue nameplate hung on their chest, and they looked like official staff members of a lab.

Only when Yun Xi appeared did the atmosphere of the scene suddenly change.

On the chest of her white protective suit, there was a big smiling-face emoji sticker, which looked funny.

Yun Xi had made fun of Su Hang for being immature for giving her that emoji.

Su Hang had just smiled and said nothing.

Now she understood the reason why Su Hang had worked so hard to set her apart from the other experts in the biochemistry group.

Hed probably made all those preparations for this very day.

In the video, there was a scene where Yun Xi quickly wrote down a series of genetic sequence compositions on a whiteboard.

Her speed was very fast, with almost no moments of hesitation.

The equation and arrangement of a sequence of numbers and letters were perplexing.

But, in her mind, these were the composition sequence of virus genes and the composition of human genetic antibodies.

This board full of equations represented her novel insights and talents.

Yun Xis soft commentary could be heard on the video.

Her voice wasnt loud.

Lu Zhiwei adjusted the volume to the maximum, so her muffled voice could be heard.

“The potential antibodies and antigens in human genes…”

What followed was a series of technical jargon, some of which were beyond the knowledge that most of these students had learned at their age, and a few were even expressed in English.

They didnt understand those at all.

There was dead silence in the huge multimedia classroom.

No one moved.

Many pairs of eyes were staring at this figure walking around in the research lab.

Zhou Chengzhe clenched his fists tightly as he glared at the figure in the video.

If it werent for the fact that the surveillance footage had captured Yun Xis face when she entered the laboratory, he would hardly have believed that she even had the resources and funding behind her to do expert-level scientific research.

The smiley-face emoji sticker on the white protective clothing was too garish, yet made her hard to ignore.

He hadnt believed that she had such a capability, but harsh reality now slapped him heavily in the face.

Despite his arrogant belief in his own knowledge and capabilities, he couldnt understand any of the complex equations on the white blackboard at all.

He wanted to tell himself that she was just randomly scribbling to deceive others and show off, but the professors and experts sitting around them also stopped working, copied her equations, and started to calculate.

Some were even communicating with her in fluent English.

The confident and dazzling radiance on Yun Xis face was an eyesore to him.

This wretched girls abilities were far beyond his imagination.

Until the moment when the virus vaccine was finally developed and everyone in the lab cheered, no one watching had recovered from listening to the complicated genetic program.

Out of the blue, teacher Lu Zhiweis loud applause broke out in the classroom.

Then Zhao Yumo and Zhang Peipei, whod come back to their senses, also applauded.

One after another, the students started applauding enthusiastically in the classroom.

Listening to the applause around her, Yun Xi sat in the first row silently and looked at the invitation letter that she had placed on the table calmly.

She had taken a big step in her life.

After she had been reborn, her future was in her own hands.

After coming out of Commander Mus Zone A, she had gradually come to realize that whether it was in terms of choosing between medical studies or biological research, or choosing between a scalpel or a microscope, those were no longer the only choices she could make herself.

Becoming stronger was her only goal now.

The video not only eliminated all the doubts in everyones minds, but also gave everyone a new understanding of Jing High Schools top student who had entered the winter camp in the first place.

Yun Xis existence seemed to be proof of the saying: “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration!”

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