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Chapter 635: Fight to the Bitter End

Facing all the questions from the students, Teacher Lu Zhiwei and the other people in charge of the organizing committee looked at each other.

Their expressions calm, they didnt seem to be anxious at all.

Amid all the doubts, Yun Xi raised her head.

“Teacher Lu, this news has been too sudden.

Could you please explain to everyone what is going on.”

Lu Zhiwei smiled and pulled out a document from the folder he was holding in his hand, and he nodded, his face full of pride.

“We have just received a congratulatory message from the International Biological Organization and an invitation to its award ceremony.

I will read it to everyone.”

“Congratulations to Yun Xi, a third-year student from Jing High School, for winning the Sackler International Biophysics Award, as a biological virus gene carrier…”

Yun Xi listened to the congratulatory message Teacher Lu Zhiwei was reading in silence, and she finally understood what was going on.

She and Su Hang had developed a vaccine for a new virus.

The International Biological Organization had awarded this honor so quickly.

There must have been some inside pressure brought to bear.

She wasnt sure whether Su Hang had gotten in touch with the Organization or if Mu Feichi had done some meddling.

Although this news was good for her, it also made her the target of everyone elses jealousy.

Not everyone can handle the tall poppy syndrome.

Teacher Lu Zhiwei handed the invitation letter in the document to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, this is good news! Not only for our organizing committee, but also for Jing High School, and even for the country.

When you go abroad next year to participate in the finals, you and the organizing committee will go to Germany to receive awards.

In addition, our organizing committee will report this matter to the relevant military departments in the near future.

After such a large international biological award, there will be more awards in China.

I will notify you separately.”

Yun Xi took the invitation letter that had a logo with intricate patterns printed on it, as well as a seal, and her name in both Chinese and English.

In her previous life, she had used herself as an experimental subject and almost died on the operating table.

Shed never dreamed that in this life she would receive such a great honor.

Whether or not she could win the reward in the finals of the biology competition, just with this reward alone, she would be able to choose among all the prestigious schools all over the world.

Whats more, the state would reward her with a huge prize.

There was a lot of discussion going on among her classmates.

Nobody understood what kind of award it was.

They were even more confused by the subject of her research: the profound genetic virus.

One after another, they looked at Yun Xi.

Zhou Chengzhe, who arrogantly believed he was extremely knowledgeable about everything, knew what the Sackler International Biophysics Award was, but what qualifications and what capabilities did Yun Xi have

Domestic experts and professors would find it difficult to win this award, so how could she have won it

How could he believe that she had such an ability As for viral genomes, theyd only learned beginner-level knowledge about them in high school.

Even if one were to do real research, it would only be to focus on a certain subject during the sophomore and junior year of college.

For Yun Xi, a senior high school student from the countryside, it would be amazing enough if she could figure out animal ecology, let alone viruses.

Snorting coldly, Zhou Chengzhe focused on Yun Xi.

He simply couldnt process this news.

There was only one spot left, and there were 49 students competing for it.

Even if he was really confident, in the end, he would still have to fight to the bitter end against Yun Xi.

“Teacher Lu, are you sure youre not mistaken How can she, just a student in high school, have the time and experience, or even the equipment, to research such a high-level subject as biological viruses, and win an international award How could it be possible”

Other classmates also expressed their doubts.

“Hes right! Even if Jing High School is an elite high school in Jingdu, it still has no facilities for her to do that sort of research, am I right”

“Teacher Lu, are you sure you didnt make a mistake Maybe theyre giving the reward to someone who has the same name.”

In the face of all their doubts, Teacher Lu Zhiwei smiled and patted a black box in his hand.

“This is the video material passed by the International Biological Organization.

If you all dont believe it, you can all go to the multimedia classroom together and watch it.”

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