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Chapter 626: A Dog In The Manger!

“Haoze, youre back!” Yun Xi was filled with a sense of affection upon seeing Haoze.

When it comes to brothers and sisters, boys dont seem to have so many schemes and tricks, so they were simpler and easier to get along with.

“Im going to the winter camp tomorrow,” she continued.

“Is anything wrong”


When you come back, you can help to tutor me! Take notes during the winter camp, and share them with me when you come back.

I want to participate in the camp next year!”

Yun Haoze was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy with a sunny disposition.

“Okay! That sounds like a good plan!” Looking at him, Yun Xi couldnt help but feel affection.

She then turned to look at her second aunt, who looked proudly back at her.

“Second aunt, you can save money on tutoring fees!”

“Oh come on then, the tutoring fee wont be saved,” the second aunt replied.

“If you become Haozes tutor, then, of course, the money will be given to you.”

“Oh second aunt, theres no need to be so polite about it.

But if you really intent on giving me the money, then just put it in your red envelope to me for the New Year.”

“Okay, its up to you!”

Yun Xi changed the subject.

“By the way, since Haoze is back, lets prepare some additional dishes at home.

Weve been eating vegetarian food for half a month.

Lets change it up since Haoze wont be used to it.”

“Ive already sent the housekeeper out to buy more groceries,” the second aunt replied.

“You go upstairs and rest first, Yun Xi.

You can come down for dinner later.”

Chen Lixue became very angry when she heard this conversation.

She and her daughter had been eating vegetarian food for more than half a month, so she knew that they were talking about her.

Yun Xi nodded.

“Im going to pack up.

Haoze, you come with me.

Sister has something for you.”

“Okay! Ill come right away!”

Although Yun Ziling and Yun Haoze were in the same grade, Yun Haoze was in the top class while Yun Ziling was in the ordinary class.

Their academic performances were wildly different.

But when she heard that Yun Xi had something to give Yun Haoze, Yun Ziling stopped eating her snacks and stood up from the sofa.

“Sister, how about me If you have something for Yun Haoze, why dont you have anything for me”

Yun Ziling was told by her father that she would get a reward if she managed to get first place in the exam.

But getting first place wasnt easy.

She was the type of girl who preferred to take shortcuts that would save her time and effort.

She didnt want to have to work so hard!

And if someone were giving out freebies, she obviously didnt want that brat reaping all the benefits.

Yun Xi stood at the top of the stairs and condescendingly studied Yun Zilings nervous appearance.

She had to stop herself from laughing out loud.

“Yun Ziling, do you want the reference book Im giving to Haoze for the biology competition Are you sure you can understand it Can you even recite the order of recessive and dominant genes for me”

Yun Ziling wasnt happy to be so underestimated and humiliated.

“As if he understands! I am your sister, okay Youre helping outsiders instead of your own family.”

“Yes, youre my sister.

The thing is, I only believe in matters that are likely to do the most good.

You dont understand anything, so why would you need the reference book Youre just a dog in the manger!”

“You–” Yun Zilings eyes reddened because of this humiliation.

She was upset and stomped to show her unhappiness.

She looked at Liang Xiuqin while crying and complaining: “Mom, look at her! She would rather help an outsider than her own sister.

What kind of sister is this”

Liang Xiuqin had never liked Yao Yings son.

After keeping quiet for so many years, she now had the rare chance to speak back and humiliate her and her precious son.

How could Liang Xiuqin miss this opportunity

“Wretched girl! Open your eyes and see clearly! Who is your family and who is an outsider!”

As she said this, Liang Xiuqin made sure she glared sharply at Yun Haoze, as if warning or accusing him of not knowing right from wrong.

It was clear that Liang Xiuqin had offended Yun Xis second aunt as soon as she had opened her mouth.

The teenage boy was the second aunts only son, and he was being targeted for something that was beyond his control.

Liang Xiuqin was just asking for trouble.

“Sister-in-law, I dont understand what you are saying.

What do you mean by outsiders and family Yun Xi and Haoze both have the same Yun surname.

If you really want to talk about outsiders, Im afraid you and I are the outsiders.

Why are you intervening in our childrens affairs Your own daughter doesnt live up to expectations, yet you take it out on my son”

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