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Chapter 623: The More Challenging, the More She Wants to Try

When they arrived at the center of the city, Yun Xi got out of the car, waved good-bye, and called Su Hang.

When shed been in the car just now, shed suddenly thought of the vaccine formula that shed used in an experiment in her previous life.

Thinking why not give it a try simply for the heck of it, shed decided to go for it.

If she didnt succeed, then she would participate in the winter camp.

After that, she would have time to go to the laboratory to develop a vaccine after returning home from the winter camp.

Scientific research is inherently a time-consuming and laborious task.

Some people will never make a breakthrough in their research during their entire lives, so she realized she had to be realistic.

Su Hang picked her up, and, wanting to know more about what kind of person this legendary Demon Instructor was, and why everyone feared him so much, Yun Xi mentioned Yan Shuo to him.

Su Hangs face suddenly changed when he heard Yan Shuos name.

After a while, he turned toward Yun Xi and his eyes looked frightened.

“Did you really see him”

“Yeah! Whats the matter with that Is he really that scary Isnt he the instructor of the special forces The special forces are a special unit in the special militia.

It seems normal for their training requirements to be stricter.”

“If you think that, then you are too naive.

Every year, among the top soldiers he trains, several lives are lost.

You think thats a joke”

“Uh…” Yun Xi didnt realize that this was the case, and she was a little frightened.

“Hes that terrifying Doesnt he take human life seriously”

“No, its just that his training is too strenuous.

Its not wrong to say that its a h*ll-style training.

Some people, unluckily, who cant endure it lose their lives.

The president will give them some national compensation, and all the rest go on to work in the confidential department.

The young marshal also came out of his hands.

He was the best special soldier hed ever trained.

However, after he was awarded the title of young marshal, Lord Yan rarely led soldiers in training.

Everyone is afraid of him and would rather be in the young marshals hands than to risk being in his hands.”

“So its like this…” Yun Xi nodded as she began to understand.

However, in spite of this, she felt as if something in her body had stirred.

The more challenging things were, the more she wants to try them.

Staying in the laboratory for two consecutive days, Yun Xi recalculated her previous lifes vaccine formula to include new vaccine ingredients.

Su Hang looked at the complicated equations on the small blackboard, frowned, and shook his head.

“Girl, your idea is too bold.

Its hard to even imagine.”

“How do you know if you dont try Just like a child playing in the mud, as you keep molding, you might finally mold it into human shape.”

As soon as she had all the new vaccine ingredients, Yun Xi looked at the man standing beside her.

In fact, she wasnt completely certain about what she was doing.

She didnt know if her idea would be possible.

She simply wanted to give it a try.

Su Hang watched her holding the test tube and made an eye gesture at her through his mask.

“What do you want to do Try it quickly.

If it doesnt work, well continue to do research.

Its not like we havent failed before anyway.”

It was no big deal.

If they fail, they could simply start all over again.

The transparent liquid in the test tube dripped onto the virus blood cultivated in the red blood.

Yun Xi shook the test tube.

After a while, the red liquid gradually turned into a turbid blue, and finally turned into a transparent blue.

“Its done! God! Its really done.” Yun Xi looked up at the changed color of the liquid in the test tube and suddenly raised her head.

“Look, it was successful!”

“D*mn! It was really successful!”

Hearing successful attracted the attention of other biochemical experts and virus researchers who had come here to do research.

Everyone wanted to redo the experiment, and they all wanted to see for themselves what the effect of the successfully developed vaccine was.

Soon, the sound of cheers and applause erupted in the laboratory.

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