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Chapter 622: Most Important, Dont Fear Death

Everyone thought she didnt know anything about Yan Shuos methods and therefore that she had made a reckless decision


In fact, Yun Xi knew better than anyone else exactly what she wanted.

After coming back to Jingdu after such a long time, her goal wasnt just to get back what had belonged to her.

If she wanted to empower the Yun family and live her life meaningfully, she knew that she mustnt be as weak as she had been in her previous life.

Yan Shuo could see her desires and knew what she wanted to do, so he hid his true sentiments and definitely didnt show what he was thinking in front of the Chen family.

The little girl had such a unique personality that he was even looking forward to helping her out a little.

“No hurry.

Wait until you finish the college entrance examination.

You can spend this extra time thinking about it.”

“Its a rare day when everyone is so merry, so lets talk about it later.”

Yun Xi glanced at the Chen family, who looked worried.

Not wanting to trouble them with her affairs or cause them reason to be anxious, she changed the topic with a subtle smile.

She seemed to change the topic so casually, but Chen Yichen knew that she had made a decision.

And, of course, even though he was worried, he was helpless to do anything about the situation.

The living room was warmly heated.

Yun Xi took off her wool coat and underneath only wore a light-green quilted short-sleeved cheongsam with a sweater of the same color.

She had her hair in a ponytail, and her soft, charming face was buried in the collar of her sweater.

She looked cute and tender like the buds on the treetops in early spring.

Her smiles were full of vitality.

Yan Shuo couldnt help but steal looks at her every now and then.

She was very smart.

Although her mind didnt seem too complex, her observation skills werent bad.

In front of the picky elders of the Chen family who had seen all kinds of people, she was dignified yet not obsequious, not hypocritical or artificial, and she really gave a good impression.

His niece, a child who had reached the rebellious stage, was about the same age as this girl.

She was very flashy and cheeky, and not at all like this girl, who appeared ladylike and elegant.

The girl in front of him, like a picture of an old beauty, was spread out before him.

Her calm and the elegance of her every gesture and movement seemed to be innate, and she didnt need much nurturing to become dazzling.

Mu Feichi had been really sharp to have been able to see her potential at such a young age.

In two years, when she became an adult, probably none of the socialites and heiresses in Jingdu would be able to compare to her.

After having lunch at the Chen familys house, Yun Xi remembered that she had to go back to Su Hangs laboratory, so she didnt stay very long.

When Yun Xi left, Yan Shuo said he would send her along her way, but the entire Chen family became very worried.

It was as if they were afraid that Yan Shuo was going to eat her.

It was probably because his proposal that morning had scared them.

Yan Shuo professed his innocence, “Dont worry, I wont cause trouble for this little girl.”

Yun Xi felt very anguished and guilty to have caused such consternation to the Chen family, who had been so good to her.

After the car left the villa area, she turned to look at the man who was driving and said solemnly, “General Yan, are you really willing to accept me”

“I dont just accept disciples casually.

If you want to come work with me, in addition to having exceptional abilities, you also need talent and tenacity.”

After a pause, he turned his head and glanced at her, then added the last part of his sentence, “Most important, dont fear death.”

Yun Xi turned her head away and looked out of the window.

The bright sunshine was shining happily on a small lake.

“Living sometimes isnt easier than dying.

Because of this, I want to live in a more exceptional way.”

“All right, remember what you have said today.

I will wait for you to come and find me.”

After he said that, he took out a card and handed it to her.

“After the college entrance examination, come to this place.

Someone will take you to see me.


“But what”

“Mu Feichi probably will not agree to our arrangement.”

With a firm expression on her face, Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly.

“This is my choice, so it has nothing to do with the young marshal.”

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