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Chapter 616: Remember To Get More Money

“What is it” Yun Xi smiled aloofly.

From Yun Chuhans tone, it was obvious she was baiting her.

Knowing what she did, Yun Xi could respond calmly and with ease.

“Do you know who lives at the top of Tianyu Mountain”

Yun Chuhan couldnt believe that Yun Xi was hooking up with the young marshal.

Just recently, Yun Chuhan had followed Yun Xi up the mountain, only to see her remaining at the sentry post and just talking and laughing with the guards stationed there.

What sort of future could she have with a security guard who was posted at the gate of a mountain

Yun Chuhan had never expected Yun Xi to be so short-sighted!

But what was the alternative There was no way that Yun Xi could be worthy of a man of honor like the young marshal.

“Everyone in Jingdu knows who lives in Tianyu Mountain.

But not everyone in Jindu can actually go up to the mountain.”

“So my eldest sister, you should know your place.

Dont bring trouble to the family.

The young marshal doesnt even fancy the presidents daughter, so what makes you think he will fancy you Dont bother wasting your time.

Its useless to just stay at the gate of the mountain, waiting for the marshal.

Even if he were to go down the mountain, hell go through a different lane.

So dont even think about trying to set up any fateful encounters.

Your chances of meeting him are next to impossible.”

Yun Xi immediately understood what Yun Chuhan meant, and her eyes darkened.

“It sounds like youve been following me around.

It must have been really hard for you to get up so early and trail after me on such cold days! You seem pretty experienced in spying on people… Youve probably laid in ambush for the handsome young marshal, right”

Upon having her deepest, most shameful secret exposed, Yun Chuhans eyes suddenly became dark, and she snorted coldly, “Youre no better than me!”

Yun Xi didnt really want to reveal that she had just ended a video call with Mu Feichi.

With Yun Chuhans gloating mannerism, did she really think that she was as delusional as her

“You dont have to test me, Yun Chuhan.

I just havent had this leisure time to deal with you recently.”

“Of course, my eldest sister.

Youve been busy disciplining Liang Xinyi and my mother recently.

It must be taking up so much of your time.”

“Exactly! I dont have time to deal with you right now! Youd better give me peace of mind.

The next time you want to scheme against me, make sure youre getting paid well to do it.

When I strike back, whatever money you get will be barely enough to clean up the mess.”

“What are you talking about When did I scheme against you!”

She knew about her sisters recent tricks.

Yun Ziling had been mercilessly disciplined and since then, became much more behaved.

Her mother was also kicked out of the villa complex by her.

When they fought against each other, she didnt want to confront her head-on.

“You know what youve done.”

Not wanting to relive the past, Yun Xi spun around and left Yun Chuhan in place with a flustered face and her imagination running wild.


The next day, Yun Xi arrived at school early in the morning.

She heard Yang Lu talking about how the school was handling Zhou Chenzhes case.

They had disqualified him for the final exam.

He was not allowed to sit for the final exam and would not be eligible for ranking, let alone get a reward for ranking in the top three.

A hundred yuan was much to Yun Xi but the same couldnt be said for Zhou Chengze, who was on a scholarship.

And with the New Year coming up, he needed the money badly.

Maybe the reason he agreed to work with Liang Xinyi to steal the exam papers was that he needed the money.

It was unfortunate that the punishment he suffered far outweighed the potential benefits.

With only two days to go to the exam, Zhou Chengzhe had disappeared.

Many assumed it was probably because he was embarrassed.

Eventually, the scandal surrounding the theft of the exam paper began to die down, as everyone was busy with the coming final exams.

Yun Xi didnt dare to neglect her studies, and all her attention was spent on preparing for the exam.

When the three-day test finally ended, Zhao Yumo invited Yun Xi out to celebrate.

Yun Xi had no intention of heading out to celebrate.

She couldnt help but think about how Su Hangs virus vaccine research was still uncompleted.

So she postponed the celebrations with Zhao Yumo and instead, called up Su Hang and asked him to come and pick her up.

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