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Chapter 614: What Can You Do To Me?

“Who did this Who framed you Tell me! Mom will help you out! Whoever dares to bully you like this… Ill have to teach them a lesson!”

Liang Xinyi speechlessly looked at her mother.

She knew that her mom meant well, but she would never dare to actually do anything.

Especially if she knew that the person who framed her was that wretched girl Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyi opened her mouth to say something, but before she could even speak, Yun Xis voice interrupted her from up the stairs.

“Cousin! Youre back! Why are you home so late today”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows as she came down the stairs.

She shot a glance at Liang Xinyi then turned away and poured herself a cup of hot water from the water dispenser.

Upon seeing who it was, Liang Xinyi bit into her lips.

Her eyes turned sharp and were filled with resentment.

Yun Xi continued speaking: “I heard from my classmates that my own cousin stole the exam papers in school.

I also heard that someone in our school also stole exam papers.

It cant be a coincidence, right Did you guys make an appointment or something”

“Yun Xi, what do you mean! How can Xinyi steal the exam papers Its clear that someone framed her! She is your cousin.

Dont you know what kind of person she is How can any of this be true” Chen Lixue was distraught with emotion.

Yun Xi simply nodded.

She turned to look at Lian Xinyi as she sneered, “Yes! Of course, I know what kind of person my cousin is! Maybe this time, she tried to up a trap for someone else but shot her own foot instead Theres always a chance that youll make a mistake and if you make the mistake, you will definitely have to pay the price.”

Yun Xi deliberately glared and Liang Xinyi as she said those words.

Her eyes were a little mocking.

“Dont you agree, cousin”

“Yun Xi, stop being so sarcastic.

You know what youre doing!”

Liang Xinyi was amazed that she was involved in any of this.

The stolen exam paper from Jing High School was in Zhou Chengzhes hands, and Zhou Chengzhe was being framed.

That had nothing to do with her, until now.

It was reported that the exam paper from the affiliated high school had also been stolen.

And surprisingly, the stolen exam paper was found on her own desk! She was dumbfounded when all this had happened.

When Zhou Chengzhe was exposed, she quickly realized that she had fallen into a trap.

If Yun Xi had framed Zhou Chengzhe, then what about her

Yun Xis reach wasnt that long.

She wasnt able to go to the affiliated high school.

Liang Xinyi couldnt understand how the exam papers appeared on her desk.

The only thing she understood was that all of this had something to do with Yun Xi!

But stealing exam papers wasnt easy.

There had to be someone else who was helping her.

Could it be Feng Yang Or the Eldest Heir

It was impressive that the wretched girl had many so many men wrapped around her fingers!

“Yeah,” Yun Xi retorted.

“Shouldnt you know you what you did, cousin As the saying goes:Dont dig deeper into your own grave! And dont even think you can get away with whatever you want to do, just because you have someone from the Han family to help you.

Youre not smart enough for that!”

Liang Xinyi clenched her hands into tight fists.

Her cold face became more and more distorted.

“So, you did frame me!”

Yun Xi shrugged as if to express that there was nothing that Liang Xinyi could do to her.

Meanwhile, Chen Lixue was watching the conversation.

No matter how stupid she was, she finally understood what was going on.

She was so angry that she forgot her place, and pointed her finger at Yun Xi.

“Wretched girl! Did you harm Xinyi again!”

Chen Lixue ran up to Yun Xi and was just about to grab her.

But just as she approached, Yun Xi dodged out of the way, sat on the armrest of the sofa, and casually raised her foot.

Chen Lixues attention was focused on Yun Xi, but not focused on her feet! She tripped and fell forward onto the floor.

“Ah! That hurts to death! Wretched girl, how dare you…”

Yun Xi looked down at Chen Lixue condescendingly.

Her lips curled in a mocking smile.

“Auntie, are you bowing down to me Its not even New Years yet.”

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