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Chapter 593: What an Accident!

Thinking of her rebirth when she had seen the wolves as soon as she had opened her eyes, Yun Xi suddenly felt a twitching pain in her forehead.

With a gun handy to shoot at close range, she felt more sure of herself.

The howling of the wolves gradually approached, and their creepy sounds gave Yun Xi goosebumps.

The temperature had dropped sharply at night, and she still felt the piercing cold even when she was standing by the fire.

Green eyes suddenly flashed in the darkness.

From the cover of the surrounding tall trees in the forest, a dozen black shadows walked slowly out of the darkness.

Their green eyes were especially eerie in the dark night.

Not daring to breathe, Yun Xi tensed up and stepped back.

With her current ability, she might not be able to cope with more than a dozen adult wolves.

She clutched the gun in her hand, and her left hand touched her knife that was pinned to the edge of her thigh.

Lin Xiao was taken aback by the number of wolves.

He suddenly pulled out the intercom in the car.

“Boss, you released all the wolves”

“It wasnt me.

They bit through the net, and all of them escaped.

There are too many.

Im worried that the girl will not be able to handle it.

You two act accordingly.

If Mu Feichi gets there, dont do anything.

Let him take care of them by himself.”

“This…can this girl hold on until Young Marshal Mu gets here” Lin Xiao was really scared by this time and hed broken into a cold sweat from this sudden accident.

Their plan had been to release only five wolves.

Then, even if they moved in a pack, not all of them would bump into her at one time.

With that girls ability, she should be able to cope with a few wolves.

No matter how bad the situation got, there would be no accidents with them there.

But now there were a dozen wolves moving in a pack, so even if the two of them went in there together, they might not be able to handle it all.

Whats more, she was still a little girl who hadnt experienced any training.

This was big trouble!

Putting down the walkie-talkie, Lin Xiao glanced at Ye Ning.

“What should we do The current situation is simply beyond all expectations.”

Ye Ning narrowed his eyes slightly, turned his head to look at the little girl who was surrounded by wolves, and frowned.

“Lets act as he said.

As a last resort…”

Before Ye Nings sentence was finished, the sound of a helicopter could be heard not that far away.

The two of them looked at each other and raised their heads to look at the dark sky.

Soon the flashing red lights on the helicopter jumped into their field of vision.

“Young Marshal Mu is here!” Neither of them could hide the excitement in their eyes.

If they could fight alongside Young Marshal Mu, that would be a rare opportunity for them.

As soon as they said that, the wolves suddenly moved, and the leading wolf rushed toward Yun Xi quickly.

Yun Xis pupils dilated.

She raised her hand and quickly opened fire, but, unfortunately, the wolves were running too fast, and she had no idea what she had hit.

The gun was of no avail!

She threw away the gun in her hand, drew out her knife, and stealthily rolled over to evade the wolves who had rushed forward.

The wolves stopped and rushed toward her again.

She grabbed the torch and fiercely thrust it into the bellies of the leaping wolves…

The wolves had been scalded, and they wailed.

She had now aroused the primitive aggressiveness of the beasts, and several other wolves made ready to attack.

The breathing of the wolves made her hair stand on end.

Holding the relit torch in one hand and her knife in the other, Yun Xi grit her teeth and glared ferociously at the wolves who were standing all around her.

There was nothing on her mind except her self-preservation.

Tonights battle was going to be the biggest nightmare of her life.

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