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Chapter 590: He Must Be a Mythical Existence

Yun Xi grit her teeth.

She knew that her marksmanship was poor, but how could she, a rookie, be compared to them

He was simply being sarcastic with her.

“How did you dodge my bullet so quickly” With a trace of suspicion in her eyes, Yun Xi looked at the prey in front of her.

They were too fast.

Compared with the prey that she had killed in the woods in the afternoon, the speed of this prey was twice as fast.

Under the dim light, Ye Ning glanced at the little girl with stubborn eyes who was full of tenacity.

When shed eliminated Lin Xiao moments before, hed become very curious about her.

This little girl was not only smart, but her combative skills were also quite decent.

Her reaction speed had completely exceeded his expectations.

And the ultimate killer, Lin Xiao, had been killed so quickly.

It was a slap in the face for their boss.

“A well-trained shooter should be able to aim at their opponent in 2.5 seconds at the fastest.

For a rookie like you, I gave you five seconds.

Five seconds was enough for me to dodge two bullets from you.”

Perhaps because he was very curious about her, Ye Ning couldnt help but say a few extra words.

“…” Yun Xi understood what he meant.

With such a big gap in capabilities, it was no wonder that she had been defeated so easily.

Frowning slightly, Yun Xi raised her head.

Curious, she asked, “If you need 2.5 seconds, then what about Young Marshal Mu”

She was very curious to know the answer to this question and could hardly wait for Mu Feichi to come back so she could to ask him.

No matter what, she had already taken a blow, so she wasnt afraid of any more surprises.

“Young Marshal Mu” Upon the mention of the name of the men of the Mu family, almost every mans eyes flashed with the same sense of worship and awe.

Yun Xi silently looked at the man with shining eyes in front of her eyes.

Perhaps the gleam of light in such sharp eyes could only be understood if she truly became a man.

“Young Marshal Mu only needs 2.2 seconds.

So far, only one person has broken his record.”

“Oh” There was actually someone who was more capable than Mu Feichi.

This surprised Yun Xi a bit, and she couldnt help but ask, “Who was it Who is that capable”

“Young Marshal Mus boss and teacher, Yan Shuo, the first bodyguard of the Mu family.

We all call him Lucifer.

The bodyguards who come through his hands are all elites among the elite.”

He was such a powerful figure, yet Yun Xi had never heard of him, even in her previous life.

If he could teach such an outstanding godlike figure as Mu Feichi, the boss of the Mu family, he must be a mythical existence.

“Since you just eliminated Lin Xiao, I can tell you how many prey there still are now.”

“Why” Yun Xi was a little puzzled.

“Because Lin Xiao was the ultimate killer, so you can get a reward of the same value if you eliminate him.”

“Just one Shouldnt there be rewards for me to choose from”

“The other options are of little use to you.” Ye Ning raised his hand and looked at his digital watch.

“There are still two hours before the prey counterattacks.

Even if I showed you the topographic map of this area or gave you other instruments, they would be of little use to you.”

Yun Xi nodded and chuckled softly.


The light is so dim now, it would be useless for you to give me a topographic map.

If I cant make it through tonight, whats the point of talking about tomorrow”

Yun Xi glanced at Ye Nings shoulder, but she couldnt see what his official position was.

However, she knew that a prey who would stop and talk to her was obviously high-ranking.

“Are you also a bodyguard”

“What do you mean” Ye Ning smiled at her.

His elegant, handsome face was gentle and graceful.

He didnt look like a harsh man.

Ye Ning didnt say anything but calmly took out his badge from his pocket.

Yun Xi glanced at his badge.

He really wasnt any ordinary person.

Mu Chongli had definitely invited two people of very high rank to come out and test her.

He really had gone all out.

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