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Chapter 575: Someone in His Heart

“Um…” He was pressing her tightly in his arms, and she couldnt break free.

Feeling almost as if she was having trouble breathing, Yun Xi complained loudly as she was being pressed against his cold jacket.

“Im leaving soon.

The whereabouts of Lin Sens virus has been discovered.

It has been transported from the border to Country F.

We are receiving assistance from the United States.”

He couldnt say what the specific mission was.

It was top secret and had been established after consultation with the head of the Si family.

When she heard that the matter with the virus was almost settled, Yun Xi freed herself from his arms with a bit of annoyance and anxiety on her rosy-cheeked face.

“Has Su Hang developed an antiviral vaccine”

Su Hang had been busy developing antiviral vaccines recently.

Hed only called her a few times and theyd spoken briefly, but hed never mentioned the vaccine development to her.

Mu Feichi had probably given an order to prevent her from coming into contact with anything related to the virus.

This was why she didnt know the extent of the vaccine development.

“Dont worry, the relevant departments and research institutes have dispatched people to help.

If we really cant develop a vaccine, well destroy the source of the virus.”

So, what he meant was that before the vaccine was even developed, he was being sent to Country F to handle official affairs

Thinking about this, she felt all sorts of fears.

“But, theres no vaccine now.

How are you going to handle official business What if someone is infected with the virus”

She wasnt worried to the point of thinking this was a life-or-death situation for Mu Feichi, but she knew how painful it was to be infected with a virus.

Shed almost died on an operating table in her previous life when she had experimented on herself.

In this life, she really didnt want to see Mu Feichi lying in front of her on an operating table.

This was one reason why shed forced herself to go all out when researching the virus.

“For this mission, the International Biochemical Organization and the Viral Genome have all sent people over.

What youre worried about isnt going to happen.”

His eyes were filled with deep, sullen emotions.

He raised his hand and touched her head.

Every time he went on the battlefield, he left with the determination to risk his life to win.

But now, when he had someone else in his heart, he had other worries.

He was more cautious when laying out and strategizing his missions.

It is said that heroes cant resist a damsel in distress, and he now knew what that felt like.

Looking at him, Yun Xi knew that there were some things that she couldnt help or stop.

He had his responsibilities and burdens as Young Marshal Mu of the Mu clan.

“Then you must be careful.” In the end, it seemed that there was only this exhortation left.

“All right, I will.

You be good.

Wait for me to come back.”

His slender fingers touched her cheeks, and he stroked them reluctantly.

He really couldnt bear to leave his little rascal.

He was going to have to spend two weeks to as long as a month to deal with official business this time.

He didnt know if he would be able to come back in time to spend the Spring Festival with her.

When his rough palms brushed across her delicate cheeks, she felt her heart stir inside.

Yun Xi raised her head.

His cold, handsome face was reflected in her bright eyes.

An uncharacteristic sense of reluctance flashed through his heart.

“If you need anything, you can just ask someone at the sentry post to help you.

The butler will arrange anything you might need for you.

If you need nothing, go to the Mu Mansion anyway to keep Great White company.

He likes to run all over the mountains on snowy days.

Dont let him play too wildly.”

Lowering her head, she bit her lip and murmured, “Got it!”

He sounded as if he wasnt coming back, and she didnt feel like listening to that.

Looking at her expression, Mu Feichi felt even more reluctant.

Suppressing the emotions surging in his chest, he sighed slightly.

“Ill come back as soon as possible and accompany you to make dumplings for the Spring Festival.”

“Im spending the Spring Festival with my family, so why are you telling me these things Im not someone who is related to you.”

His words were so flirtatious, and she didnt know how to respond.

She simply played dumb.

She turned around, took a deep breath, and started to clean up her desk.

Mu Feichi smiled, gazed at her back with deep affection, and climbed out the window.

Yun Xi turned her head when she heard the movement.

Mu Feichi was no longer in the room.

She ran to the window and looked at the figure waving at her from the first floor.

She suddenly felt a little depressed.

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