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Chapter 574: No Idea How Much Humiliation Shed Suffered

Seeing that something was wrong with Liang Xinyis face, Chen Lixue was afraid that if Yun Xi continued to ask questions, she would figure out that they had made a deal with Liang Xiuqin.

So, she yelled at Yun Xi impatiently, “Didnt you come back late as well Why do you care so much about what your cousin does”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and turned to look at her second aunt.

“Second aunt, please take the time to teach my aunt the rules of the Yun family.

Dont let her forget that shes an outsider.”

Yao Ying nodded and took a sip of her tea.

“All right, I know.

In the worst-case scenario, well have them move out, lest they keep forgetting their places and keep talking down to you.”

Chen Lixue had never been in a subservient position in her entire life.

Upon seeing how she had to submit to that wretched girl Yun Xis whims, she almost lost her temper again.

She put on airs as the young madame every day.

If shed died that time shed fallen off the cliff, they wouldnt have to suck up to her now.

It should be her daughter standing here in the position of the young madame.

Just as Chen Lixue was about to say something back, Liang Xinyi, who was exhausted physically and mentally, yelled at Chen Lixue coldly, “Mom, shut up!”

Her mother had no idea how much humiliation shed suffered in order to let her stay.

And, at this moment, she was still arguing with Yun Xi.

If they offended her and were kicked out of the villa complex, all her efforts would have been in vain.

Chen Lixue never used her brain before she spoke or acted.

How could she have such a stupid mother

“Xinyi, why are you yelling at Mom Theyre obviously bullying us…”

“Mom! If you cant shut up, then maybe you should just go back to the countryside.”

Here, apart from dragging her down, she was of no use at all.

Shed also hoped that Chen Lixue could snatch Yun Yuanfeng from Liang Xiuqin and have her become the eldest young madame of the Yun family in the future.

Now, it seemed as if her mothers brain wasnt as clever as hers.

She acted so stupidly in everything she did.

“…” Chen Lixue became quiet and obedient immediately after being yelled at by Liang Xinyi.

Having just been humiliated by Han Zhongteng outside and humiliated by Yun Xi again when she came back home, Liang Xinyi was fuming with rage, but she couldnt have an outburst.

She could only bite the bullet and swallow her hatred.

Yun Xi smiled and didnt say anything.

She turned around and went upstairs.

As soon as she returned to her room, Yun Xi saw a figure standing by the window with his back facing her.

The window was open, and a cold wind was blowing in from outside.

Yun Xi was startled by the man at the window.

She shivered and hurriedly closed the door, then pulled the man away from the window, which she then closed.

This person was really addicted to climbing through her window.

Unexpectedly, he was wearing a casual black beret, and he appeared ready to go out on a mission.

She felt as if this was the first time she had seen him wearing this outfit, complete with a camouflage jacket and a dark green scarf next to his Young Marshal Mu badge.

How unique.

Yun Xi was preoccupied with admiring his handsome face, and she didnt see the fiery fury in his eyes.

“Young Marshal Mu, what are you…”

The temperature in the room was low, and she suddenly remembered that she had left for school early in the morning.

Shed gone out for dinner with Chen Yichen and had only come back now.

Had he been waiting here for a long time

Thinking of this possibility, she suddenly raised her eyes.

Her sight suddenly dimmed as she was pressed against his hard chest.

There was the faint scent of mint from his breath, and a frosty aura emanated from his body.

“How was your meal with Chen Yichen” A vaguely sulky and gloomy voice came over the top of her head.

Hed asked Grey Wolf to cause trouble for Chen Yichen with the software he was developing.

Hed thought that then he would have no time to spend with this girl.

Unexpectedly, he still hadnt given up.

Wasnt what hed said in front of Third Young Master Chen last time obvious enough

This was the woman he, Mu Feichi, admired.

Whoever dared to lust after her must be prepared to compete against him.

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