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Chapter 573: Ulterior Motives

“Shut up! Who asked you to be so nosy”

When the housekeeper had answered Yun Xi, Liang Xiuqins face immediately became ugly.

She had no money or rights in the Yun family now, and even the housekeeper dared to go against her.

With the addition of the shady and sinister Chen Lixue to the household, how could she not jump up in anger

Yun Xi didnt want to argue with her mother about this so she brought Chen Lixue into the joke.

“Since Mom and Aunt arent quarreling today, it seems as if you have decided to get along in harmony, am I right”

Yun Xi glanced back and forth at them.

Their facial expressions werent very pleasant.

Liang Xiuqins eyes were full of an unwillingness to compromise, and Chen Lixues eyes were full of anger about being exploited.

It was impossible to live in harmony without conditions.

Yun Xi knew exactly what the conditions were, so she had to rub salt on Liang Xiuqins wounds.

If Chen Lixue stayed, Liang Xiuqin would not only have to worry about Yun Yuanfeng being snatched away, but also about her position as the wife of the deputy director being snatched away as well.

But the bait thrown out by the second aunt may have made her willing to compromise.

Maybe Yun Yuanfeng would change his mind after she became younger and more beautiful

At that time, would she still have to worry about a threat from Chen Lixue

Everything she was doing now was to pave the way for herself and her future.

Thinking that she could trample Chen Lixue unscrupulously in the future, she felt that everything she was enduring now was worth it.

But Chen Lixue was different.

Liang Xiuqin shamelessly treated her daughter as a cash cow, and there would always be a next time.

Liang Xiuqin was like a bottomless pit.

If she wanted to stay in the Yun familys house and take a risk to get back what had been taken away by Liang Xiuqin, she had to remain here now to have a chance to even the score in the future.

Thus they both had ulterior motives, so Yun Xi didnt have to do anything.

She just had to sit back and let them fight one another.

“Since you two are able to live in harmony…” Before Yun Xi could finish speaking, the door was opened and Liang Xinyi came in from outside.

Yun Xi turned and glanced at her.

Her eyes were red and swollen, and most of her head was buried in a thick scarf.

She looked up and saw Yun Xi in the living room.

She seemed to be taken aback and hurriedly pressed her chin back down into the scarf.

Yun Xi saw that her lips were red and swollen.

She was all dressed up but looked extremely sheepish as well.

Yun Xi suddenly understood what had happened when she saw her appearance.

It seemed that Liang Xinyi had approached Han Zhongteng, and she had been severely humiliated by him

She remembered that when she had been entertaining a few clients at a banquet in her previous life, she had heard some drunk people talking about Han Zhongtengs special fetish.

He liked to tie up womens mouths to help him relieve his s*xual needs.

Liang Xinyi was still underage, so naturally Han Zhongteng didnt dare to touch her, but that didnt mean that he couldnt ask for a return on his money in other ways.

Seeing that Liang Xinyis mouth was red and swollen, Yun Xi immediately understood what had happened.

Liang Xinyi would probably remember this humiliation for a lifetime.

Liang Xiuqin had asked her for money, and Liang Xinyi wanted her mother to be able to stay in the Yun family to seize the position of the deputy directors wife, so she had had to get the money for her.

And the only person she could find to ask was Han Zhongteng.

So what if he was only Han Wanlings henchman Han Wanling wasnt in the country, so she was out of reach.

Seeing Liang Xinyi come back home, Chen Lixue hurried over and asked her anxiously, “How was it”

Liang Xinyi grit her teeth and glared at Yun Xi.

Her eyes were filled with deep-rooted hatred.

“Cousin, why did you come back so late today” Yun Xi looked at her innocently while smiling.

Facing those bitter eyes fearlessly, her facial expression was carefree and assured.

She had reaped what she had sowed, so she shouldnt even think about venting her anger on Yun Xi, isnt that so

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